How do I mic everything?

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  1. Hey I just started recording the other day and the bass sounds do the drums.....I miced it about 3 inches away pointing towards the edge of the center and dish of the speaker...but how do i mic the guitar cab? everything we have tried sounds like this might help some...this is what we are doing......

    running a mic into a terrible PA (being used as a mixer) the Pa has an EQ on it, but we leave it flat....the line out is going to the computers mic input through a series of adapters and extension rigs. this is all being run through cool edit pro. so if that helps any....
    anyways thanks so much to anyone who replies....I have no idea how to do anything with a guitar....alright thanks.

    Christopher Murray
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    Hey that sound like the exact setup i've got (cept our mixer is actually pretty good) As of now the only thing i've recorded on my own is my bass. But we had a friend record for us and the guitar didn't sound bad but sounded nothing like the awesome tone our guitarist usually has. I suggest that you just keep moving around the mic in small increments until you have the sound you like. Try placing it near the edge of the speaker cone, and try miking it right up to the speaker. It might take a long time.

    hope that helps.
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    Another trick you might want to consider is to have one mic up close to the cone(sometimes it's better not to point it directly at the cone, depending on the type of mic, but try pointing it slightly away) and then put another mic a couple feet away and then mix the sounds together. this might get you the sound you're looking for.
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    Tnx for posting that link, Chris.

    I just spent about three hours trying to absorb what was being said. Fascinating stuff.

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    You're welcome. But if you want to thank someone for the info you just read, thank Harvey. Great guy, and he's forgotten more about recording than I'll ever know. The more time I spend there, the more I realize that recording is every bit as much an art form as bassplaying, or for that matter, music itself. If only there were more hours in the day, maybe I could get good at is, I think I'll just focus on the playing and call my little dabblings in the recording field a nice hobby. And a very expensive one it is, too....
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    Gosh-freakin'-darnit Chris! Why in the world did you have to show me a link to a cool forum like that? Man, they've got a whole forum on Cakewalk.

    I hate you.
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    I have lurked at Dragons BBS for a while Harmony Central closed down their homerecording section at one time and provided a link.

    I used to think it was pretty boring

    Thanks Chris I read 8 pages in one go and skipped the last two. That thread is now a favourite.

    Anyone got any headache tablets?