How do I set up a Pre-Power amp rig with an Ampeg Cab?

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  1. Ok... this is my dillema... i have a gig coming VERY shortly, and im in need of a bigger rig. A fellow band member is letting me borrow an Ampeg BSE410hlf (400 watts, 4 ohms). I was originally going to put it on top of a Crate 15 in combo, but that amp sounded bad in general and it was waaaaay underpowered (only 150 watts, i had the gain and master full blast, which gave me the ugliest tone i can imagine... and i have to compeat against a full stack AVT150). So im thinking of using my little Fender Bassman 25 for a preamp, running it out to an old Pyramid 600 power amp from our PA, and then putting that into the Ampeg. Does this sound possible?

    I like the Fender, i like the Ampeg, i just dont know how to get it all done, since ive never worked with pre-power setups before. The Fender has a 'line out' and an 'enternal speaker (which says 25 watts at 8 ohm minumum)' jack, so i thought about running from the line out, to a single side of the Pyramid (300 watts), then out to the cab. Any advice??? Sorry if i seem dim-witted, ive never done this before. Thanks for any help! :)

  2. ESP-LTD


    Sep 9, 2001
    It sounds like you have the right idea.

    Take a look at the power amp- it may be possible with switches on the back to run both sides of the power amp off a single input, which *might* allow you to get more power by bridging (I have no idea what Pyramid does).

    If it's a BIG gig, use the PA!
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    Jun 16, 2003
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  4. Yeah i figured the watts were waaaay too low to be putting out as much power as i thought they were. With the pyramid pushing the cab instead of the power amp inside the crate, the volume was about the same, just a bit cleaner i think. I ended up not using the Fender at all, instead i ran the Crate as-is (with the 150 watts inside pushing the 15), then i ran from the preamp-out to the pyramid, then to the Ampeg. Was definitely better sounding without having to push it as hard but i really didnt get much more volume... oh well, at least i learned from it, maybe ill just bite the bullet and buy the Ampeg so i can start saving up for a good 400-500 watt head.