How do I use my EQ?

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  1. I just recently got an Ampeg SVT3-pro. I switched from a peavey firebass, so I just wanted to try something new. I'm pretty happy with my setup, I have a Fender Jazz right now and a Sonic 610 cabinet, pretty good stuff. However, I have no idea how to use the EQ, when I look at it's just a bunch of knobs. I was just wondering what rxactly is the EQ, how do you use it, and what are some pretty basic settings for different styles of bass sound.
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    Generally, for rock....

    Boost the highs and the lows, and cut down the mids...

    Everyone uses that at some point in there life...

    "When in doubt, scoop the mids."

    So basically, turn your low and high knobs to the right to about 2 oclock... and put your highs at about 10.
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    if you want to sound clear....try not to boost. what i do is get rid of stuff that i don't want...

    ex. i want more mids....cut the treble and the bass a little

    ex. i want more bass....cut the mids and treble a little bit

    ex. i want a little more bass a lot more mids....cut the treble a lot more than the bass, barely cut the bass and leave the mids alone.

    this works great for me - if you boost too much, you may hurt yourself :D
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    I hope I don't come off sounding like a jerk but when it come to EQ just mess around with it until it sounds good to you.
  5. I have the SVT-3 Pro myself and it took me quite some time to get used to all them eq-possibilities.

    Some tips:
    > Don't use the graphic eq in the beginning. First try to find a good sound without it, then use it to finetune your sound. The Graphic EQ is useful but quite difficult when you've got no idea where to start. Keep it simple and start with the basic EQ.

    > Use the mid-freq button! It's a very usable tool. Play the same song (if you play in a band) once with that knob on 1 (lowmids centered), then on 3 (midmids centered) and then on 5 (himids centered). See and hear the difference!!
    I think this knob is very useful when you change basses that differ a lot in sound. When you don't hear yourself in the mix, try switching this knob to the opposite position, it might make a huge differende.

    > Note that 'ultra-low' switch also cuts a whole lot of mids out of your sound so you might hear yourself less good in a band when you use this switch.

    > Check out the difference between the 'Ultra-Hi' and the B'right' boost knobs. I like the Bright boost to (ugh) Brighten my sound, not the Ultra-Hi but that's just a matter of taste.

    > Try different Gain settings, from very low and clean to huge and overdriven. Don't mind the peak led lighting up, you're not killing your amp.
  6. More Tips:
    > Boost your mids when you want to hear yourself better.
  7. Thanks a lot! I have a practice tomorrow so I'll definitely be checking all that good stuff out, can't wait to go in swingin' with all them little knobbers!
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    There are a couple of threads with some discussions on the SVT3 Pro having to do with the gain and tube gain which is the other aspect of getting good tone from the SVT3.

    I keep tube gain all the way up. This (according to Ampeg Insider) will give the cleanest tone.

    Good advice from Phrexian regarding the graphic EQ (which by the way is pretty neat when you switch it from a footpedal). Get your good basic tone with the rotary tone controls first. They work pretty much the same as the Peavey (I have a Deltabass - same preamp as the Firebass) except there is no contour control (scoop).

    Now, I for one admit to being a bit perplexed with the midrange 5-position pot. It is very subtle, and perhaps to my detriment I haven't really experimented much with it yet.

    Turn your gain up until it flashes occasionally when you play and set master to taste.

    I use bass boost (around 2-3 o'clock), mid cut around (10:00) and treble is flat at 12:00 with my Peavey 115 BW BVX 4 ohm cabinet.

    On the Graphic EQ is use a combination of bass and midrange boost with the gain up a few notches for choruses or other places in our songs when I need the sound to go big.
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    this isn't amp specific but it does contain some eq settings you might find useful

    eq thread

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