how do you find a singer...

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  1. Okay, this may as well be the hardest part, we've been working out well fro about a year, a bassist, guitarist and a drummer, we work well together, but we always have the need for a singer. And as much as we want one none show up, probably because were not looking enough. But also the fact we want one who almost soley sings rather than he can focus on one aspect and do it well, rather than splitting his crap. Plus I hate playing with two guitarists (most of the time).

    Now, how in the world do you find one? I mean these plenty of singing guitarists in the world, but someone willing to sing (well) for a prog band won't just announce themselves like99% of guitarists will...
  2. I am in almost the exact situation with my band. I would like to see some replies so I'll help keep this up near the top.
  3. Barfly


    Dec 27, 2000
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    Well, why wait? Can u sing, or any other player in the band sing?

    It can only make u a better rounded player.

    ...and where the heck is Dunnville?
  4. McHaven


    Mar 1, 2005
    You don't find a singer. Thats what I've learned
  5. Chili


    Mar 8, 2005
    i'm in the same situation aswell with my band

    what do u mean u dont find a singer?
  6. I was pretty lucky, my best mate (guitarist) has known his now girlfriend and her brother for a while and he can sing and play guitar. Which isnt bad, the 2nd guitar works for our band.

    Have you tried advertising? talking to people you know? etc etc
    I think you really just have to look, or know one
  7. near south of welland, st.catherines area.

    I can't sing, well I can just not well and especially not playing the basslines I do, the guitarist can sing pretty well but he's having trouble doing both as well.
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    Find the Freakiest Looking person in your town who is around your age and get them in front of a microphone immediately regardless if he or she can sing at all! Once you play your first gig, singers will come crawling out of all kinds of places looking to work with you. Decent Singers like working bands.
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    How do you find a singer? Offer them a paying gig.
  10. In my opinion, a singer who doesn't play an instrument is "usually" a wasted opportunity to add something to your band.
  11. Has Les Claypool taught you all nothing! Sing yourself no matter how...strange it sounds. :D
  12. McHaven


    Mar 1, 2005
    at least where I live, it is practically impossible to find a good singer. I went about 8 months looking for one
  13. Diggler


    Mar 3, 2005
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    Hit a few karaoke nights. The good ones will stand out.
  14. Daytona955i


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    Exactly, or are there any music schools, like a university in your area? Sometimes you can go and they'll be willing to hook their students up with music work, and a lot of students are just vocalists. Find one that likes your kind of music and has free time... If there is such a thing.
  15. FriscoBassAce


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    We recently found a vocalist after a six-week search. Our former vocalist had to move because of a job transfer. In our band, the singer is just that....a singer. We advertised on several local musician classifieds, including Craig's List, as well as the local "urban-style" weekly magazine (in this case, the Dallas Observer). Had we not found our guy just last week, we were prepared to take things to the next level: going to karaoke bars, going to watch other bands of our same genre looking for a good singer with a bad band, and doing things like going to music schools, colleges, etc. Basically, we were willing to work very hard at finding the right person. We went through a lot of auditions with some guys who shouldn't be anywhere near a microphone. It was all worth it though.

    Our new guy can sing really well, and he plays a little rhythm and acoustic guitars to help fill in the sound where we need it in some songs. Plus, he has extensive recording knowledge, which is going to come in handy when we work on our demo in the next few weeks.

    Good luck and don't settle and don't give up!
  16. elgranluis


    Feb 14, 2003
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    announce to your bandmates that you will be the singer. In less than a month, they'll have all sorts of vocalists lined up for auditions.