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How do you get that growl?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by waxlabltabler, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. waxlabltabler


    Aug 24, 2002
    I can't get a growl necessarily. Just a heavier tone. I want that "beeor" sound and some growl, something sinister. Are the sounds unique to certain type of bass? Is it the attack? The fretting method? How can I get those sounds?
  2. First of all, lots of low mids.. I would say..
    then try soloing your bridge pick up, and maybe plucking close to the bridge would help too..
  3. Unfortunately, your Squier P, I presume with matching practice amp, is not going to get you anywhere near "Growl".

    I had a cheap Peavey Fury prior to getting my Rickenbacker - the best tone I got out of that thing was using Dean Markley SR2000 taper-wound strings - they do require a change to your setup (get the store to put them on if you're not comfortable), but they transformed my Peavey from a toneless junker to a usable bass.

  4. Unfortunately, your Squier P, I presume with matching practice amp, is not going to get you anywhere near "Growl".

    Ummm, this is true to some degree, but the sound your typing, the "Beeor" thing? Sounds more like a filter/modulated sound than downright growl. Have you tried any effects pedals? The Zoom 506II or I have a cool little practice box about the size of a pack of smokes called a Pandora PX4B (by Tone Works/Korg) that has a great "beeor" sound and a pile of other's plus you can plug it into your amp and use it like a preamp and get the sounds coming out of your amp. They won't sound as good as the headphones do but this box is a killer practice tool as it also has drum sequences and you can patch them together and record yourself (for about 1/2 min.) with the drum groove! Beats the heck out of a metronome and isgreat fun!! The key here is that you can find (since it models allot of bass amp and cab) sounds plus the effects so that you find the tone your looking for and know what and why it sounds that way.
    Good luck

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