How do you ID Bartolini pickups??

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  1. I was going through my "hold all" bass parts bin today and came upon a set of Bartolini pickups that I remember buying a few years back. The problem is, I don't recall which model they are: the only identification is 9v etched in the bottom of each, and I know they are for 4 string passive basses since those are all I play and I had no reason to buy anything else. Am I just out of luck or is there info I just don't know?

    Thank you!

    Tony in Tampa
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    Usually, if there's a model number located anywhere on Barts, it's etched on the bottom of the pickup. Generally speaking, "9" is Bartolini's code for a J-shaped 4-string pickup (P-shaped pickups are "8" and J-shaped 5-string pickups are "59"). I don't see "9v" on Bart's list of current 4-string J pickups ( ), but that doesn't mean it wasn't a model in the line at some point.

  3. Yeah Mike, I also checked out their list of pickup models before posting my inquiry.......just forgot to mention it when I wrote it. Thanks for the input.

    Please keep those thoughts coming!

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