How do YOU remove lacquer from frets?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by blipndub, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. I usually use a Dremel wire brush and a fretguard from stewmac and painter's tape, but it's easy to brush the board.

    Does anyone have some other technique for taking off the lacquer from a maple board? If it's rosewood I just use naptha and q-tips.
  2. a nail with a half round groove filed in it's head and use it as a scraper. I learned this in the stewmac fretting book. works great.
  3. If you'll wax the frets before you lift the masking on the neck from the dressing stage, the lacquer or whatever will simply fall off. Beats having to rebuff them to get out scratches from tools. If I do a clearcoat on a maple neck, I'll sometimes have to score under the frets with an X-acto to lift off the film.
  4. What Hambone said, I use Turtle Wax. Then score the bottoms of the frets with an exacto knife where they contact the board.
  5. Really? Damn, I thought that was an original idea! :rolleyes:
  6. You mean wax on top on the finish, or before?
  7. What Hambone said....while the board is taped up after the fretwork, wipe a little wax on the frets, pull off the tape, then hose it down with your favorite clear coat.

    When the clear has set, score the edges of the frets carefully with an exacto knife, and the finish will flake off. Then buff the finish and frets together.

    Ham, in my day job (geologist) I've done a fair bit of casting stuff in epoxy, and we grease the molds down with vaseline. Turtle wax worked fine and cleans up easier than vaseline.
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