how do YOU set up your mesa 400+ (or 400)???

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  1. dr. doomcrust

    dr. doomcrust

    Jun 27, 2008
    howdy folks. i just bought a mesa 400+ the other day. i have never owned a piece of equipment this fine. im running it through a hartke 4x10 and a trace elliot 1x15. and whereas i know how to take care of a tube amp, im pretty new at getting the best possible tone out of it. right now im keeping the eq and everything around mid-range and letting my bass (a fender deluxe active jazz) take care of most of the tonal qualities.

    and so im wondering... how do you set yours up? what style(s) of music to you use it for? what cabs are you running it through? and, of course, got any suggestions for me??
  2. Fealach

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    Apr 23, 2003
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    When I had mine, IIRC I ran the treble around 3-4, bass around 2-3, mids at 10. Channel 2, or 1 + 2 if I had means to split my signal. Bright switch pulled out. Master around 4, channel various depending on how loud I needed to be, but generally volume 1 twice as high as volume 2. Various cabs, it sounds good with any good cab, but I especially liked it with a 4 string bass and Mesa Diesel 2X15 cabs, though they were horrible for 5 string bass.
  3. K-Funk


    Sep 24, 2007
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    I've got an original Bass 400 non-plus. I run it with the mid at 10, bass at 3 and treble at 3, with the treble knob pulled out. I set the master at 5, and split my signal to run both channels at the same time. Channel one is usually around 6 and channel two is set around 3 or 4. I then set the graphic EQ to the room.

    The amp gets run with a BBE Sonic Maximizer and a dbx comp/gate. I normally run it through rented and borrowed Ampeg 8x10's, and I just recently sold my own Ampeg 6x10. I'm currently searching for a good mid-sized, 4-ohm cab to replace it.

    Some suggestions for your new 400+: Flat on the passive EQ is 10-2-2, mid-bass-treble. It's like a fender amp, where the mids are cut only. Also, a lot of guys around here (including myself) replace the driver tube (the preamp tube closest to the power switches) with a 12AU7. This seems to improve EQ functionality and tame a lot of the harsh upper-mids. It also gives the amp less break-up and a lot more clean headroom.
  4. I have mine set up with a full set of JJ tubes, play a music man stingray, and I like dirt, and I mean really dirty, lots of tube distortion,

    mids at 8, bass at 5 (switch pulled) treble at 4 (switch pulled) Master at 5/6, and running both inputs with a Y Split cable (Input 1 - at 2, Input 2 - at 4) Slight boost of mids around 650hz boosted on the graphic eq for extra grit.

    Depends what kind of sound you like though.

  5. dr. doomcrust

    dr. doomcrust

    Jun 27, 2008
    right on. thanks all! you rock.
  6. southshoreconor


    Oct 30, 2007
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    i play in a melodic punk/hardcore band ( i have mine set with the mids at 8, bass and treb around 4-5. master at 2 and use the 2nd input at about 4. i boost the lower mids on my graphic EQ. (kinda looks like an "elvis lip" as i like to call it) sounds just right with my jazz bass. i mess around a little more with my precision and T-40. play through an ampeg 8x10.

    edit.. the songs on our myspace were not recorded with my current set up.

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