How do you share responsibilities for social media and communication management?

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    Oct 19, 2015
    I've been in my first band, an indie rock trio, for about a year now, playing shows about every week or 2. I was wondering how other bands manage all their social media, like instagram/fb/email/email newsletters/twitter/websites. Does 1 person handle it all? Does everyone post freely or help update websites? Does everyone have access and passwords to everything?

    For example, on instagram, I noticed some bands have 1 member (usually the singer) that obviously handles everything and uses the band instagram almost like a personal account, posting selfies and pics from their lives. Others seem more focused solely on what the band is up to, and I wonder who handles those accounts.

    I'm curious, because right now, our guitarist, the band leader, handles everything online, since he has the most experience with bands and music. I think he's doing a pretty good job, especially with instagram, emailing venues, and landing shows every week, but I feel like he's sometimes very slow to respond to facebook messages and emails, if at all. Sometimes, he doesn't post and promote our shows until the last minute.

    I find that I'm constantly nagging him to do this and that; he tends to forget about things constantly Other times, he's honestly just too busy with work. I tend to have a checklist of questions to ask the band and discuss whenever we practice. I'm not sure if I would be overstepping my bounds if I started to respond to messages or updating our websites. I'm not sure why, but I feel very intimidated answering messages in his place, even though we're in the same band. It's almost as if he has been creating the band image by himself, so I feel like I would be intruding and still want his approval for stuff, whereas he can do whatever he wants and we have trusted the band image to him so far. I'm trying to figure out a good way to bring it up; find some sort of agreement without making a big deal out of it.
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    You are essentially volunteers. I find no one wants to do that stuff really. Normally there is one motivated person. I would just ask the guy if he wants help with social media. If he says yes, then do it, if not, let the chips fall.

    I have to do all that stuff. I've now been telling club owners that if they want us to show up and play and go home, the fee is $x. If they want me to promote the heck out of the night, the fee is $x+ $75 or whatever I think I can get. And I keep the social media fee if I have to do it all, or pay someone I've trained in how to do it.
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    Feb 11, 2008
    Since you already make a list if questions for a rehearsal, I suggest you make a list for the BL. This time create a solution for each question.

    Also, it doesn't seem nagging works so I would stop that and timely start pointing out problems as you see them, how they affect the band and how you can solve them to benefit the group.
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    Sit down and talk - not during rehearsal, and come up with a plan. Usually I find it is best that tasks are not "shared", or no one will do it.
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