How do you take out or replace LED on front amp panel?

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  1. Do you just push the LED through and then out? And if so, which direction? Its from the front of my SWR 350 amp with aluminum front panel... I need to take it out so I can bend the front panel back between to wooden boards.. Thanks
  2. Im pretty sure its soldered to the circuit board behind the front panel.
  3. Thanks TJBass, but i've already soldered it off. I'm wondering how to remove or dislodge the LED (or bulb)
    from the panel, do I just press it out backwards? Thanks again anyone for info!
  4. bassbenj


    Aug 11, 2009
    Not enough information! Often LEDs have a little plastic rim at the base. If they are mounted in a holder (a black rim around the LED) that rim snaps into the holder and it pulls out the back. If it's just shoved through a hole in the panel, it also usually just is pushed out backwards. Typically wires are soldered to a circuit board so those must be unsoldered first. Some LEDs have no rim and can be mounted either from the front or the rear depending on what is holding them.

    Be careful unsoldering parts from a circuit board takes some skill to keep from damaging the board!
  5. Thanks bassbenj! Yeah no rim around the LED just pushed through a hole in the panel. I unsoldered the wires off the 2 leads coming off the back of the LED, seems like the LED is in there pretty tight so I didn't want to damage anything by pushing to hard, sorta speak ;)

    Just tried again to push it through, even with a wooden dowel and hammer, but it aint budging!
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    Oct 3, 2007
    Note that LEDs are polarity sensitive - if you reverse the wires they are not damaged, they just won't work.
  7. seamonkey


    Aug 6, 2004
    It might be glued in, maybe with a little silicon
    But, if you're replacing it - you could even drill it out.