how does one learn to listen!

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  1. Hi there again ive been asking myself a question... again :rolleyes: ... how do you learn to find tones with the ear ive been trying but i cant find a good exercise that really opens my eyes. Aso is it necesarry to know where every note is on my neck in theory so you can find it... iam kind of stuck on that thing i know that all the note till my 5th fret are the same and start over at my 12th fret (where EADG are) but i dont know exactly wher everythibg else is... can this pose a problem. O yes are there any good books on this subject..

    Thanx Lars
  2. oh yes iam not stupid but iam kind of stuck on a lot of theory but anyway ill hope ya help
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    Dec 11, 1999
    Sorry it has taken be so long to respond. I have been away, teaching at the National Summer Guitar Workshop these past few weeks.

    I recently had the opportunity to play with a wonderful Texas Blues Guitar Player, Ted Hall. he has an interesting way of transcribing music. "Everything is a I-IV-V, unless it isn't." In other words he is using the I-IV-V as a starting point. If the chord changes is not the IV, then where does it go. Is it higher or lower, is it major or minor, etc.

    Listen to the song hundreds of time before trying to transcribe it. Listen to it in a non-analytical way. Don't really think too hard about it. Learn to sing it. If you can sing it you can play it. Then pick up the bass.

    As for knowing the fretboard - would you want a pilot flying your plane that didn't know what ALL the controls did?

  4. i just wanted to know how do you learn it i have ried a few things: memoriring(did'nt work) octave steps(from like a to a an octave higher still keeps my buzy) and listening (this works a little i allways come close but never clos enough.. thank you fr replying and yes i would not want to be in a plain with someone who doesnt know all the buttons:) it wouldnt be safe:)

    later lars
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    May 20, 2001
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    Do you read music, or do you use tab? Working on my reading is helping me learn the fretboard better.

    It's all a matter of knowing the musical alphabet. You say you know the first five frets, then just pick a string and work all the way up the neck. Work on playing scales through 2 octaves (or as close to 2 octaves as you can if you don't have a 24 fret or higher neck) on one string, naming the notes as you go. And pay attention to where you fret those notes.

    It helps me, anyway.. :)
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    Dec 11, 1999
    Play familiar scales and patterns, since the bass is transposable move them up and down the fretboard or start on different strings. Say the notes as you play them. Try to learn different fingerings for the same scales and patterns, this will open up the fretboard - again, for a while, say the notes as you play them.

    Practice sight reading, use tunes you like and only do it 15 minutes per day. Don't kill yourself with it