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How does the fender standard jazz bass sound?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by magoo4stringwiz, Jun 3, 2002.

  1. magoo4stringwiz


    May 21, 2002
    If you have the fender jazz bass do you think someone who has been playing for about 2 years and needs good slapping and good finger picking should get the fender standard jazz bass? And also if you know any where where i can buy it for less than 385 bucks please tell me and also how much you bought it for! PLEASE REPLY
  2. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    M'lad...the Fender Jazz's are a classic sound. They are typically not at "whump" as a P bass, but rather smoother, and growlier, with more sustain than the P's usually have. You also have a bit more diversity, due to the two pickups. They are excellent slap basses, and they do just fin fingerstyle (They are called Jazz basses!)

    For 385, you can get yourself a Standard Jazz outta Musiciansfriend.com (+applicable sales Tax and Shipping) which means there are better deals out there, just not off the tip of my tounge.

    They are also very upgradable, so there's a huge aftermarket mod selection to pick from.
  3. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    The Jazz bass is the classic slap sound. Yeah, Stingray's sound great slapped too, but the Jazz is the standard by which all other slappers are measured.
  4. omnibass


    Jun 3, 2002
    My standard Jazz is my favorite bass
  5. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    I will also chime in supporting the Standard Jazz. The tone "as is" is fantastic, and, as it was mentioned before, there is always room for upgrades.

    I have grown very attached to my bass, and half the fun of owning it has been customizing it. Find one you like, and I'm fairly sure you'll be happy with it.
  6. Damn straight! Hell, i have more fun upgrading it than playing it! :D
  7. How can you have a thread about Jazz Basses without The Jazz Bassist HIMSELF chiming in.:rolleyes:

    lol...anyways I highly reccomend it for a beginner. I've been playing almost exactly 1 year and I can't imagine learning on anything other than my trusty Burrito Bass (MIM). The Slap/Pop sounds killer on it and once you master sliding around pretty well it's smooth as buttah baby. I know Guitar Center sent out their catalog recently and I was shocked to see the standard j-bass at $385. It's well worth it, but there's deals to be had. I bought mine at a place in Monterey Park, Ca. called Johnny Thompsons and snagged it for about $280 or so, no more than 3 (granted this was back in 1999). I know some mom and pop shops overcharge sick like, but theres some places where it'll be marked down. Honestly buy a used one if you can as long as it's in decent condition...who cares about a few knicks or minor scratches as long as it retains a good tone.

    On an unrelated note: I had a KILLER jam session with my buddy who switched from guitar to drums, and we kicked out a pretty phat groove within a few minutes and recorded it...sounded pretty damn good and it really made my day to see how far I've come and how I'm steadily progressing. Perhaps me and the other guys will be ready to start gigging this summer...stay tuned!!

    Thanks guys and keep the faith.

    -Aaron G.
  8. Philbiker

    Philbiker Pat's the best!

    Dec 28, 2000
    Northern Virginia, USA

    The list price on the Standard Jazz Bass went up $100 last year I think. That's why they're more expensive now.

    I used to have a 1995 MIM Standard Jazz Bass and it sounded fantastic right out of the box. I was very impressed. Since I had an unused Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Bridge pickup in a beat up old unplayable P-J bass, I bought the matching neck one and switched out the pickups for the Basslines. Believe it or not, it sounded no better, just a little different. I actually think that the original Jazz Bass pickups sounded better.

    Bottom line, you simply can not go wrong with a Fender Standard Jazz bass. You may decided you don't like it after a while, but most people like them.
  9. Velkov


    Jan 17, 2001
    Lansdowne, Ontario
    The Standard Jazz Bass I got some time ago is good. It sounds a lot like a jazz bass should except that it wasn't shielded so I had to fix that. I got new pickups for it and it is great. I don't think, especially for a beginner like I was, there is a better instrument you can get.
    Plus, the new ones are shielded and the pickups are not that bad either. I think theyr are great instruments. My next one will be the Deluxe P-bass Special. That one's made in Mexico too, but it has a P+J pickup configuration.
  10. Aaron,

    Good luck with the band. Every step is a great feeling isn't it? I'm sure the people here would love to hear some recordings and give their advice if you ever wanted it...

  11. Michael Yetton

    Michael Yetton

    Dec 11, 2000
    Essex, UK
    These basses are great! I have been playing about a year and a half and I have a MIM Jazz Bass and I love it. The slap sounds great and it has a nice growl to it.The volume controls for the pickups, when adjusted really make a difference to the tone. I'm actually playing it now!!! :D I have the four string version. The neck's really skinny, especially at the top which is great. (although i can play six strings! :cool: ). This bass for the money is great. I have played many basses in the same price range and none of them have came close to the sound of my Jazz Bass. (Those basses are Ibanez ATK, and Ibanez BTB) *puts bass away*

    Moving slightly away from the subject (not too far I hope), I want to upgrade my Jazz. Can anyone give me advice on what can put on it?


    See ya
  12. Michael Yetton

    Michael Yetton

    Dec 11, 2000
    Essex, UK
    oops! sorry about that! pushed the button twice!
  13. Easily fixed, just hit edit/delete on the upper right portion of your post, check the "delete" box, and hit the delete button.
  14. Munjibunga

    Munjibunga Total Hyper-Elite Member Gold Supporting Member

    May 6, 2000
    San Diego (when not at Groom Lake)
    Independent Contractor to Bass San Diego
    I have three Jazz Basses, all American, none of them standard. I loved my Jazz FMT 'til it blew up. Then it spontaneously reassembled itself, and sounds bitchen once more. But now I worry that it might blow up again. So maybe I'll play the Roscoe Beck V instead. That'll teach it.
  15. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    ROLF. :D
    That struck me as funny for some reason...
  16. omnibass


    Jun 3, 2002
    As for modification, when I got my Jazz in '83 I ripped the pickguard off (to get in under the strings while plank spankin') and threw a badass II bridge on it. Haven't done anything to it since - not even a fret job !
    Not broken, don't fix ;)
  17. Jiimy


    Mar 3, 2002
    Athens AL, USA
    I used have a Jazz bass, I traded it in as part of my G&L payment, I miss that thing.:(

    They were selling Jazz basses at the store I went to for around $200-$250. The place is Nashville Used Music(yes it's a used store.)

    Buy one, you'll love it.
  18. Michael Yetton

    Michael Yetton

    Dec 11, 2000
    Essex, UK
    BADASS II Bridge, cool! Do they have an official website, where I can check them out? Also, this may sound strange but I want to put active circuitry on my bass and some new pups, possibly EMG's. Any suggestions???
  19. Philbiker

    Philbiker Pat's the best!

    Dec 28, 2000
    Northern Virginia, USA
    I would suggest saving your money for a MIA Deluxe with built in upgraded pickups and active EQ if that's what you want. See my previous post about my many mods to my MIM Jazz Bass.
  20. I have a Roscoe Beck V and a MIM J fretless.. both are Jazz types. The 2001 and newer model MIM have the upgraded (standard-sized) pickups which makes swapping much easier.

    I take the fretless and my MIM P to every gig, and the P gets most of the play time. This is nothing against J basses... you just gotta have both..


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