How exactly am I suppsoed to figure out a woman's ring size?

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  1. I'll soon be approaching my three year anniversary with my wonderful girlfriend, and it's time to start thinking about popping the question. But I have no clue about ring sizes, and it would kinda kill the surprise if I had to ask her. :p What did you dudes do?

    Also, realistically what should I spend? The "two months" rule I've heard about seems a little too high.

    I appreciate the input! I'm very excited about the prospect, I truly believe this is the woman I'll spend the rest of my life with. :)
  2. I'll try to give advice of the quality usually given here.

    Find a really hot woman at the mall and ask her to help you figure out the correct size ring...

    It won't likely be accurate, but it could be fun!

    Oh, and congrats!
  3. Fix her a bubble bath then get a tape measure and measure the ring when she gets out?
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    Go in her jewelery box and try a ring on one of your fingers and see where it fits.
    I know my GF's ring sizes, ring finger goes just above my pinkie 2nd knuckle, a pinkie ring for her just starts to go on my pinkie just to the end of my nail.
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    Feb 15, 2009
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    That only works for bras :p
  6. Don't sweat the Sizing it can be done at just about any jewler in a couple of hours.
    As far as the stone and the $$ goes that's up to your financial state. I would buy local though you'll typically get more for your money. Don't let the jewlers sell you on the color and clarity, the difference between good and great is hard to see especially on the fancier cuts you can typically afford to get something with a little more weight and "wow" factor.
  7. What I did was ask her, then we shopped for a ring that SHE would be happy wearing in public every day for the rest of her life.

    After she picked the ring, I took it and had a stone mounted. She never found out how much it cost until it was appraised for insurance purposes. It wasn't cheap.:eek:(2 months would have been SO much cheaper...)
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    My son asked his GF's sister about his GF's ring size (and swore her to secrecy)

    He wound up with a family heirloom ring, her father's blessing (Go on take her, get her the hell outta the house)
    got the ring resized and some minor repairs,
    and still managed to spring it on her as a complete surprise.
    (and Dad got to help set the stage......):hyper:
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    That would of got me banned. :ninja:

    Congrats! :D
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    Well played, nojj's son.
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    and we thought drummers have no romance in their souls....
  12. Do it the way a forensic physicist would. Get a picture of her hand, and then determine the size of her finger, based on comparison to a known scale from something else in the picture.
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    Or borrow one of her rings, roll up a piece of paper, put it through the ring and let it open up. Measure the circumference of the paper tube (with a tape measure, or thread + a ruler). Look it up here.


    Oh, as for the two months rule, I did "two months net". Still painful, and still left me feeling pain "down there", but it was worth it.
  14. lakefx


    Sep 14, 2012
    I took a ring that I knew fit her to a jeweler to have them determine the size.

    In terms of cost, that depends a lot on the girl. I spent about 3 weeks worth of income, but I had the ring designed and made by my wife's sister so it has a lot of emotional value. I am also against diamonds in general because of the monopolistic nature of there production and the artificially inflated prices that result. So, my wife got a much more interesting sapphire instead.
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    Either get a FEMALE friend or family member to bring it up. this works an many levels. I got my wife's best friend to scam my wife into giving up her ring size. The friend started a conversation about finders swelling and rings and all kinds of female things that come into play with rings and junk and stuff (details are sketchy about this part). Not only did it work beautifully, but the friend was really honored and felt special that she was asked to be a part of the whole process. You ain't in if you ain't in with the best friend. So, my wife and her friend were able to share in that moment (even though my wife only knew after the fact). And I got a perfectly sized ring. AND I was in with the best friend like never before.

    Win win win!
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    1. It doesn't have to be two-month income. That's something jewelry stores and diamond merchants came up with to raise the bar... on their profit margins. Really, you can just get a gold band with no gems. The idea of having an engagement ring plus a wedding band came out of thin air. So, if you hang out with hoity-toity co-workers or friends of wealth, they talk about dropping $10,000 to $30,000 on a ring all because of this two-month rule.

    2. You don't have to get a diamond. That's something diamond merchants, DeBeers, came up with to raise the bar... on their profit margins. If you look before the 1900s, diamonds weren't really the "in" gem. Royalty around the world preferred precious gems. Look at Princess Kate Middleton's hand-me-down ring, a diamond is not in the middle.

    3. You can always do the ring shopping thing. "Hey, want to try on some rings." Not too subtle. She might bail on you if she's not committed. That will save you thousands of dollars too.
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    Get a nice gold setting but put a cubic zirconia in it. Then you can go a good size at minimal cost. Then years later, when you know the marriage is for real and good, switch it or for a real diamond if you want.
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    I just looked at her hand and sort of worked out what point on my finger was the same width as where the ring goes on her finger. It worked out ok.
  19. I just stole one of my GF's other rings and took it to my jeweler. for the love of all that is holy don't get her a ring at a chain store in the mall.
  20. My wife told me and it still had to get resized. I spent two months future income (I was a student at the time of asking, I went with what will two months be when I get out of school). I also bought the diamond wholesale and had the band custom made. It was appraised for almost 4 times what I paid. If you can, find a diamond wholesaler that will sell to the general public. There is a great on in Toronto.