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How good are Ashdown?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Cossiemon, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. Cossiemon


    Aug 20, 2001

    I've got some money saved and i'm going to splash out on a new amp, i was hoping to get a Trace Elliot, but the music shop i was going to get the amp in had their sale before i had enough money.

    Thus there are no traces, but they do have an Ashdown - Electric Blue 15" speaker 150w.

    Its slap bang right on my price range.

    I was just wondering wha the general view on Ashdown are?

  2. gweimer


    Apr 6, 2000
    Columbus, OH
    So far, so good. I've heard one of the MAG combos, and it was really nice. Good rep, from everything I've read and heard. Where are you located? I'm also in the market for the EB15-150.
  3. Si-bob


    Jun 30, 2001
    Hemel Hempstead, UK
    Focusrite / Novation
    i think the electric blue is considered to be the sorta budget range of the amps. If i were in your position i'd look for a used MAG or ABM combo!

  4. CaptainWally

    CaptainWally Supporting Member

    Oct 21, 2000
    Sandy Eggo, CA
    the electric blues are nice.

    if you ask the crew at large, the Ampeg B100R would probably be the prefered combo.

    try that one out too to if you get the chance.
  5. I asked a question like that a while back and all i received was praise well not praise but people seemed to think they were good, go for it!!
  6. Mickster

    Mickster Guest

    Jun 23, 2002
    Detroit,Mi. area
    I just talked to a music store owner about Ashdown, he just got back from the NAMM show, he suggested to me "buyer beware" concerning Ashdown. His connections tell him that Ashdown management is going through internal changes (money problems). There either going to sink or swim soon. They probably are looking for investors for support. Your choice....

    JAUQO III-X Inactive

    Jan 4, 2002
    Endorsing artist:see profile.
    Don't believe the hype.if you do your research and check out the history of Ashdown you come to relise that it's nothing more than hype.Ashdown is continously in developement of new products and they are on more major tours than one would care to want to believe.with all due respect lets not spread unfound truth.
  8. I will judge it on sound instead of factorya management :D :p ;) .

    I think it was a good clean amp, for the more flatter allround tones.

    I think it was too clean for me, cause I play Metal.

    Perhaps for blues or jazz it would be suitable.
    Or to play with an acoustic guitar through, that must be the greatest amplification for acoustic guitars: bass amps.

    My opinion is that you shouldn't get it if you want to be a badass on sound. Then you should get the Bassstate from Marshall, wich I really dig for that price and sound.

    See what style you want to play, agressice; then no Ashdown.

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