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How is Crate??

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by I_am_Rage, Aug 29, 2000.

  1. I was thinking about gettting a Crate. I was wondering what everyone thinks about them. Are they good?
  2. White_Knight


    Mar 19, 2000
    In my opinion, they're not bad at all. They do have some downsides: such as most models don't have all that much power. I think they're highest powered amp goes up to 440 watts which is enough for most gigs, however. About the only thing that I dislike is that once you get up in that wattage you're spending enough that you might as well get something a bit nicer such as a Hartke or perhaps a GK. For a practice or a lower wattage amp I like them. Check out my reviews of the BX-100 and BX-15 in the reviews section.

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  3. Monkey


    Mar 8, 2000
    Ohio, USA
    I can't speak about the newer models, but I bought a new BT-350, which is a 350-watt amp with a tube preamp, and used it hard for about 7 years and it served me well. I had a couple of little problems that were fixed under the 5-year warranty, but it never let me down at a gig and was powerful enough for most gigs. I was pretty satisfied with the sound and the durability, and would think about buying another head if it was inexpensive.
  4. How big were you thinking of going? A LOT of my friends have BX-100's (100 watts RMS.. 15"). I also have a BX-15.. (12w RMS, 8"). One of my friends also has a B40XL in addition to his BX100. It's a smaller combo with a 12" and maybe 50 watts..not made anymore.

    The BX-15 is fine for what it is intended as..a practice amp. Don't expect high volume or killer tone, but it is small, it works, and it is cheap. I got mine for US $50.

    The BX-100 is a pretty good way of getting some volume without paying too much. To my ears and just about everyone else's that I know, it gets pretty flabby at high volumes, but it's useable. The EQ is actually pretty nice and versatile. Lots of sliders. The tone at low volumes isn't all that bad actually.. but you have to deal with the flabbiness when you turn up.

    If you are going with a Crate combo you might want to look out for ones with JBL speakers. I think a BX100 with a JBL would be called the BX100L or something like that. They are supposed to sound nicer, and who knows..they might be better at high volumes. One of my friends has a BX100L. It sounds like crap, but it is also totally beaten to hell. I would NOT judge other Crates with the JBL upgrade by this one BX100L. The inherent crappiness is definitely due to the condition of the amp.

    Definitely go out to all of your local music stores and try before you buy. When you're trying out Crates also just try out everything else you can get your hands on thats in your price range. You might want to bring along a friend who knows a bit about amps, but your own ears are definitely the best judge of the sound you want.
  5. gweimer


    Apr 6, 2000
    Columbus, OH
    I've got a BX-100, and I'm really happy with it. For the money, it's a better value than twice the bucks spent on a SWR WM-15, or even some of the comparable 100W combos from Fender or Ampeg. It has a 5-band EQ, an effects loop, and an external speaker jack; not to mention that 5-year transferable warranty. I recently had to push it a bit, and it does get a bit strained, but using another cab, or upgrading the speaker might just help that out. Mostly, I bought it for the sound. I found it to be a really nice sounding amp, and my ears made the decision for me as much as my budget.
  6. philsaudio


    Nov 7, 2007
    I posted this a couple weeks ago. The BX100 is the largest of
    three Crate amps I have. I use the mxb10 to practice along
    with the stereo, The TX15 battery powered 8" for playing a
    Washburn AB10 acoustic bass through it at campfires with two
    acoustic guitar players. Both work great for their intended
    purpose. The battery life on the TX15 is days of typical
    playing. Both amps cost me $40USD each at GC in the sale bin.

    What I just posted a couple of weeks ago on this board cause I
    love the BX100.

    I have two bass rigs that I take out.

    One is just an old beat up Crate BX100 hundred watt single
    fifteen combo amp. I traded a Boss DD5 pedal for it. The other
    is an Eden WT500 head with a Bag End 2x10 with horn on one
    channel and a ported Ampeg 18 box with a PAS eighteen on the
    other channel.

    So we are going to have this gig (was Saturday night) and I
    set them up in the same corner and switched between them for a
    few rehearsals. I thought the Eden stack went a little lower
    but I just really love the Crate sound. Band mates did not
    notice anything different.

    I took the Crate to our bar gig because it is smaller/lighter
    and I like it better. Playing a Cort Curbow through it. I love
    it. It really has a lot of sustain with the Curbow and cuts
    through the guitars.

    So there were a couple of bass players in the audience. One I
    even know and have seen him gig. He is really good. These two
    bass players were all over me about my sound. They love the
    sustain I get and said the bass really cut through. It was
    also in the PA via a mic.

    So what I am planning next is to take out the 15" driver and
    measure it's TS-specs with Liberty Audio Suite and if it is
    not as sensitive as the
    Eminence Basslite C2515 Neo 15 I am gonna get one and put it
    in this little beast to make it a little louder and perhaps
    ten pounds lighter. Another 3dB and the Crate will be as loud
    as if it were two hundred watts.

    I like it up on a stand with the port firing right into my
    trousers. I love the flapping while I play. I keep the gain up
    pretty high so my playing light touch lights up the preamp
    clip light occasionally and the master limit light is on a
    good bit. I control all the tone and volume from the Curbow. I
    love it. Not that the Eden/Bag/Ampeg is a slouch but getting
    the sound the BX100 gets is really turning me on.


  7. It all dependes on what you need it for. My BT100, newer model Crate, was perfect for medium level practice. Once, we got a new drummer, I quickly found myself being lost in the mix. The tone is really decent, they just don't have enough volume to play out or barely make it in a full practice. The 100 watts would work in a jam with a soft drummer and a 20 watt guitar amp... anything louder than that, you need more volume. Overall impression, it did what it needed to when I needed it. I would rather have just saved up about $100 more and got a head + cab setup.

    Oh yeah, they are almost impossible to sell, be prepared to sell it for less than half of what you pay. This will def hurt you if/when you upgrade.

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