How is this for a deal?

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  1. harley_ou812


    Sep 30, 2001
    Lebanon, PA
    I went to a local music store to pick up a mic to do some recording for the highschool i work at tomorrow. When i got there i figured i would look around a little they were having a black friday sale. I walked up to the bass amps and saw the hartke amp that i have been looking at ( I have been looking at the 3500) with a blowout sale price on it..... for $114 (that is US dollars) everywhere else i havd looked it was like $400 it was a demo item and it didnt have a cord so i picked one up for $10 and walked out into my car. I didnt get to look ask to many questions about it when i was there due to everyone being there ( it was a mad house) So i walked to doors down to a guitar store to talk to them about it. I walked back to thier hartke amps and looked at the same one I have been looking at and when i seen it i realised i didnt take the time to look at the amp i bought long enough to realise what it has . I didnt buy the ha35000 i bought the HA 7000 :)so now i need to start looking at cabs to take advantag of it being a biampable head :) I wqas so happy when i bought it then I was even more happy to find out what i bought and to hear it. So whart kinda cabs do you suggest from what the music stre suggested the said to try like a 4-10 for the high pass and 2 -15 for the low pass. But from the manual it seems the high pass is for tweeters and the low pass for subs. any comments would be apreciated

  2. captainpabst


    Mar 18, 2001
    you got the ha7000 for 124 bux?! that's unreal!

    as far as cabs go, i'd just buy a good quality 4x10 and see if that'll do ya. look at an eden d-410xlt or xst, swr goliath III (or henry the 8x8, which i recommend), aguilar gs410, or maybe an acme low b4 if you can bridge the ha7000 into it - i'm not familiar with the specs of that amp.

    that's a killer deal on the head - good luck with the cab! you might do a search on ebay and see what comes up...
  3. harley_ou812


    Sep 30, 2001
    Lebanon, PA
    well the amp isnt bridgaible and i didnt get a manual with it so i am trying to look on the internet to get info. I am assuming if i were to connect 2 4 ohm cabs i would wanna hook one up to the high channel and one up to the low. Would i be correct on this? i can change them to full range with a switch on the back. I just wanna make sure it isnt that i should hook one up to the right low and the left low or something cause i dont wanna try running one of the power amps at 2 ohms and not use the other. thanks for your help
  4. hartke has the manuals at their web site they are pdf i think?