How long did it take you to get your dream bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by darkspec, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. darkspec


    Jan 2, 2003
    Cleveland Ohio
    Hey guys, I was just sitting here playing my bass as I realized I own 3 cheap-o basses. And soon to be 4. I know its nothing to be ashamed of, but I still envy for a high class bass. I dream of buying a warwick thumb nt 5. Way out of my class, so my question is to all the older and younger players, How long did it take you to get that ever exquiste dream bass?
  2. Danny R.

    Danny R. Supporting Member

    A lot of years, I started playing when I was 9, I had a cheap peavey fury, I played with that bass 'till I was 15, then I got a cheap Ibanez SR805, then when I turned 18 (I had a good job by then) I went to sam ash and bought a nice Warwick FNA, you don't need to spend a lot of money in a great bass, just look for good deals on the net.
  3. For my dream bass...i dunno if i actually have one...But if it counts...ill say the Steve Harris sig i bought earlier this summer. Ive wanted one ever since it came out(Just cause im such a Maiden nut :p)
    It took me like 2 years to get one...but it had nothing to do with me not having money for just had to due to the fact there just arent many around so it took me a while to find one.

    When i see a bass i want it only takes me a couple months to get money together. I have a really great paying job.
    Only catch is its when fall/winter arrives...i have to be a bit more cautious about how i spend my money. So i do all my bass buying usually in the summer. :)
  4. bill h

    bill h

    Aug 31, 2002
    small town MN
    Do you ever have a dream bass??? I say this because once you get a new bass be it $5.00 or $5,000 how long will it be till you GAS for a new and better bass? I know thats very pessimistic, but it's just the way things go for me.
  5. 4 years. I started getting into Green Day in late '99, and when I was the video for Longveiw and saw Mike's G3 and really listened to Dookie, i thought; omg, i need that bass!!

    well, in February, I got *a* Grabber, the pick up config is very different for the G3, but I get an almost similiar sound...

    hey man, get a job, and save save save!! Get a bank account and pay at least $5/week into it. you WILL be surprised how much money you end up with!

    In 5 months I managed to collect $800 (but that includes a hefty check of nearly $400 for christmas!)


  6. This is basically how i feel as well... so i looked at the question a bit differently.
    I chose a bass that i always wanted and never will get rid of even though ill more than likely find/buy a better bass.
  7. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    Realistically, I got my dream bass when I was 21. I had been playing for about 8 years. I would say that I probably won't be done buying and trying out basses for quite a while. I just love the subtle nuances that can exist in tone and feel while I still find the bass amazing. Right now, my Dingwall is my #1. I also have an F Bass that is a phenomenal bass. The Dingwall can realistically handle everything I play and most people won't hear the difference. But then I prefer the slap tone I get out of the F Bass to that I get out of the Dingwall. Subtle differences are what I look for as the Dingwall is the most perfect bass for me that I have played.

  8. notabob


    Sep 20, 2003
    cincinnati ohio
    lets just say that i got mine friday and ive been playing for 5 or so years. peavey millennium 5 (US). i never really had a dream bass, but this has surpassed any dream i ever had. it rox my sox. i got to play it at church today and it was incredible. oh, and im 14. im in 9th grade. i startes playing in fourth or fifth grade. not sure which.
  9. mikezimmerman

    mikezimmerman Supporting Member

    Apr 29, 2001
    Omaha, Nebraska
    "Dream bass" is kind of a moving target. ;)

    My first "dream bass" would have been a Rick 4001, and I got a used one when I was about 20, after I'd been playing for 5 years. The next one was a Steinberger L2, which I got (used) when I was about 27 and playing 12 years. The next "dream bass" was a Wal (can you tell I had a thing for Geddy Lee?), and I got my first one when I was about 30, after I'd been playing for 15 years.

    These days, there are still lots of instruments that I'd love to own at some point (and I've had the pleasure of owning a lot of others), but there's no single "dream bass" anymore.

  10. my first dream bass was a SR5 2 months into playing bass, then when my dad made a deal w\ me, I began looking into G&L(as my teacher reccommended), I played a couple, finally tried an L2500 and OMFG, major GAS...3 months later, he helps me get it, 2 months afterwards, it's in the store and boom....7 months it took to get my dream biggest dream-bass now is a Wal MachII or a Sadowsky 5 string....I don't expect to get either for at least 2 years...
  11. Only


    Sep 8, 2002
    Warrensburg, MO
    It took me about a year and a half. I own a few basses, and I used to think, "Man, there's no way I could ever pick just one." Not to mention the near-constant GAS for new and different instruments.

    Then I played an Ibanez BTB405. It felt like it was made just for my hands and made exactly the sounds I wanted.

    I doubt I've played all my other basses combined for more than two hours since I got this one last summer.

    There's not a single thing I'd change about this bass if given the chance. Haven't had bass GAS since and I don't expect to encounter any for a long long time...With the possible exception of a higher end BTB 5-string. But that's still only a maybe.
  12. RyanHelms


    Sep 20, 2003
    Cleveland, OH
    I've been through a number of instruments in 15 years. As far my dream bass goes, I haven't built it yet!:D
  13. My dream bass is my current one. Got it 6 months after I started playing as a graduation present.
  14. I started on my old PBass ('61) in 1967 and found my personal "dream bass" this year: a fretless Wal Mach II. I guess that makes it 36 years for me. I have owned many basses over the years, yet this ONE is tailor-made for me.

    Will I own a Fodera or Roi at some point? Perhaps, but not before my fretted Wal arrives.
  15. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    I have yet to own my dream bass. I have only ever bought 2 basses, and i like my Hohner, but it isnt "dreamy" but i dont think i am good enough to own my "dream" bass yet :)
  16. JPJ


    Apr 21, 2001
    Chicago, IL
    I commented on this same issue not too long ago in another post started by a young TBer. It seems like a lot of young bass players start off with a relatively "cheap" bass because:

    1) It's all they can afford on a limited budget
    2) Not sure if they will "stick with it"
    3) Uneasy about committing to an expensive instrument because tastes/style will change as they mature, etc.

    Everyone wants to start out on a good instrument. The problem is that not everyone can, and sometimes compromises have to be made just so you can have a bass to play and learn on. The big issue is when, instead of saving up for a semi-pro or professional grade instrument, the player purchases a second inexpensive bass, and then a third, etc., very similar to your situation.

    A lot of players are fortuante enough to start out with a dream bass, while others tough it out with a lower quality instrument as they save up for a higher-quality one. You're in a position where, if you continue to save, you could probably sell all four of your other basses and be able to affort your dream bass and still have a little cash left over. Now where's that piggy bank! :D
  17. tuBass


    Dec 14, 2002
    Mesquite, Texas
    I'll let you know the day I get a stingray or a lakland 55-02
  18. tim4003


    Apr 30, 2002
    Dawsonville , GA
    I was 43 when I got my RIC.('01)

  19. malthumb


    Mar 25, 2001
    The Motor City
    Let's see....I started "playing" in 1978 and these two both arrived the same week in 2000. Yup, 22 years. ( I took a break or two in that span)



  20. isn't it uncool how GAS is so damned dynamic?
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