how long do your strings usually last?

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  1. How long does it take you before a new set of strings loses that new sound? I put on new strings about 3 weeks ago and they're already starting to sound pretty dead. I'd say I play on an average about 8-10 hours a week now, maybe a little more or less. I was just curious how long people go between changing strings.

    What do you do to make them last longer? I wipe my strings off with a cloth after I finish playing to get rid of dirt and oils or whatever may be left on them after playing.

    I guess the main thing that makes them lose their sound fast is playing aggressively on them, like hitting them hard or slapping and popping a lot, which I do sometimes. I heard that stuff like that tears the wraps away from the core and would contribute a lot to killing the sound of the string.
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    This has come up a few time in previous threads, so if you want more opinions I would look though a few.

    I tend to agree with your last paragraph - I play with as light a touch as possible and find that my strings do last a long time, even though I don't do anything to make them last longer.

    I have found that Stainless Steel strings go off more quickly than Nickel. I was usually changing Steel strings every month; but since discovering Nickel, I find that after 6 months to a year, they are still sounding good. I only change them, because I think I ought to be cleaning the bass thoroughly every 6 months or so and as I'm taking them off I might as well change them, but I've given sets of my "used" strings away to people who are very happy with these 6-month-old sets.