How long is a DB fingerboard?

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  1. Yeah, so basically I have three questions.
    1) how long is a DB fingerboard?
    2) how big is the gap between the end of a fingerboard and the body?
    3) what's the highest note you can play on a DB?
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    I should imagine they all vary..? :eyebrow:
  3. I just want some examples, it doesn't matter hugely
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    Basses are not nearly as standardized in their dimensions as the other bowed string instruments. But here are some numbers from my "typical" 3/4 bass:

    String length: 105 cm
    Top of fingerboard to body @ end of fingerboard: 11.4 cm
    Fingerboard length from edge of nut to end: 85.7 cm
    Highest stopped pitch: C5 (one octave above middle C, on G string)
  5. Thank you! That's exactly what I needed :)
  6. Can anyone tell me what note (on the g-string) the body starts at?
  7. That one is easy, any bass players worth his rosin should know it's either D or Eb. ;)

    This of course depends on how you measure. But when your thumb bumps into the big "heel" of the neck, your index finger should end up on either of those.

    now, I'm curous why you're asking this?:hyper:
  8. Haha, I don't play DB, but I'm making a stick bass. It's not a double bass by any means of the imagination, but it'll be portable (I have to walk quite far to school, and we have to fit two guitars and a keyboard in a smallish car with five people) and the ones I've played have been fun so I figure that's all that counts really. It'll be played upright or in BG position like a fretless bass, but I'm thinking about making the (EUB like) body with a shoulder and the same amount of notes as a DB (which I've decided not to do, just 24 frets now) so that I can play thumb position etc :D
  9. I wish you good luck, and welcome to the drug that is double bass. Nothing beats the BOING, well except the fully variable woody sound offered by the bow - in some cases.
  10. I have a Wm Lewis 236. Basic info is it is a post war fully carved German round back.

    FB length - approximately 84 cm

    Highest note - C - 29th fret on a bass guitar G string, or 24th fret on a 6 string C string.