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How many of you are having difficulty finding/keeping a band together`

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by pmkelly, Aug 21, 2001.

  1. pmkelly

    pmkelly Supporting Member

    Nov 28, 2000
    Kansas City, MO
    I just wanted to know that I am not the only person who can't find a band situation that I really dig... I have probably been to about 20 auditions this year, and have actually started working with 4 different bands, till they/I thought it wasn't the best fit... Anybody else having this problem with bands lately?
  2. ASR


    Apr 2, 2001
    Houston, Texas
    Yes. Story of my life. Of course, there have been some that I thought was a good fit musically, but lacking in the talent and personality departments. Musicians are strange and very opinionated people. I think that is why it is so hard to find 3, 4, or 5 guys that work well together and can stick together and make something out of a band.
  3. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
    I've been in the same band since 1994. We've had 4 different singers but me, the guitarist & the drummer have been @ it forever. The guitarist & the drummer have been playing together even longer!!!!
    <a href="http://www.theoremnyc.cjb.net"><img width=385 height=70 src="http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1174383&a=8647027&p=41535909&Sequence=0&res=high"></a>
  4. brewer9


    Jul 5, 2000
    MOST bands break up within the firsat year. I went through a time when two bands broke up at exactly the one year mark.

    My current band has been together for two years, but the guitar player just announced that he's gonna leave at the end of September. Damn!!

    Hopefully we can find a replacement quickly before another member gets frustrated.
  5. ZuluFunk

    ZuluFunk Supporting Member

    Apr 14, 2001
    I'm in two bands - one's breaking up as we speak; the other is reorganizing.
  6. My main band is currently on its sixth drummer, when all other members (it's a six piece) are original. What the heck is it with drummers?
  7. mchildree

    mchildree Supporting Member

    Sep 4, 2000
    Chris said:
    I think it's more than that, sadly. Most musicians I know are just not reliable people, and don't place the same emphasis on being businesslike or working on their people skills as in other professions. Many have little or no loyalty or willingness to work on something for a while before they bail out.

    If you notice, the usual offenders also have problems in their lives outside the music...mostly related to the shortcomings that make them hard to deal with in bands.

    I've been playing with the same trio for over 10 yrs because we all share the same outlook on reliabilility and music. Almost every other project I've gotten involved in outside that has fallen apart due to some member (never me, of course) deciding that the band wasn't important enough to show up for rehearsals, be at gigs on time, get along with other members, learn the material, etc. I'm too old to deal with that sh*t.
  8. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    In my experience the bands that worked best were the ones where most of us were friends before we formed a band. The problem is that in the early days the musicianship (me included) was poor. I joined one band from an ad. Good band, good songs, good sound but the band leader was a grade AAA idiot, 14 years on and the thought of him makes me seethe.

    I am fortunate that many of my friends are quality musicians and I work with many of them in different situations.

    Find the decent people/musicians and make friends with them. You never know what will crop up.
  9. ZuluFunk

    ZuluFunk Supporting Member

    Apr 14, 2001
    At the point in life I find myself (old) I have competing priorities. I have a serious job, a wife and daughter, a home that I own. It is hard to make playing much more than a hobby, though it's nice to get some money.

    It is difficult to find people my age with a similar situation. I want to play in order to get my rocks off. I can't be with someone too unreliable or, on the other hand, with someone who takes playing in a band too seriously.
  10. I have a guitarist/singer, but no drummer. Sadly, no drummers exist in West "poop" Virginia.
  11. MikeyD


    Sep 9, 2000
    Nice post. It reflects my experience. I'm starting to put together a new band presently, and I wanted to get this aspect of it out in the open up front. The last band I was in was ruined by a lack of commitment and misplaced priorities by one member (a drummer - sigh). It was a major impediment to progress.
    - Mike
  12. ZuluFunk

    ZuluFunk Supporting Member

    Apr 14, 2001
    The more people in a band the harder to keep it together too. Each member adds exponential vairability to the group in terms of scheduling and musical alignment.
  13. I've been bouncing around from band to band quite a bit lately. I've been in four different bands, for more then a couple months, in the last two years and it looks like I'm about to join the fifth band.

    One of the decisions that I made a couple years ago is that I wasn't going to sacrifice my own enjoyment for the good of the band. Like previously posted, there seem to be a lot of flakes in music and, typically, it's the rest of the band that learns to compensate and sacrifice in order to accomodate said flakes. In one of the bands I was in previously, if we we're learning a song to cover, I would learn the guitar part as well as the bass part because I knew that one of the guitar players wasn't going to learn his part and, in order to save time, I would have to teach it to him.

    At one point we had just replaced said guitar player and also the drummer and were trying to get the band going again. As it turned out, the replacement guitar player was just as unreliable as the previous one. In the end our other guitar player quit and the band fell apart. I realized then just how much work I put into this band with nothing to show for it...no more! :mad:

    Now, if I feel that everyone isn't doing their part or if it feels like things are falling apart, I start to look around the corner for any other opportunities that might come up. I can learn 30-40 songs in a matter of weeks if I have to and I have no problem doing so. In fact, it helps to keep things challenging.

    Even though I've bounced around a lot from band to band lately, I still feel I've accomplished much more as a musician then if I tried to stick it out in a floundering band full of flakes. I would like to be able to make a more long term commitment to a band but if the situation isn't right, I know I have options.:)
  14. Comakazi


    May 3, 2001
    Midwest US
    Oh, man...this is the story of my life. I can't keep something together hardly at all. Anyone that seems interested seems to flake out. They're all excited initially, and we talk about ideas and get hyped about the idea of working together. Then...nothing! It seems I'm getting to that age, as many others are, where responsibilities in life are competeing with the desir and drive to make and perform music. The people I've tried to work with either have great talent but no desire to use it, or have good desire but little talent and creativity! Some just want to bang away every other weekend and maybe take the occasional bar gig. I don't know...I can't find those that really want to make it work. Either insecurities or laziness or different priorities thwart things I try to do.
    So now it's me and my guitarists building material and looking for the drummer and singer, etc... to complete it. But I tell you, it gets darn frustrating. Mostly because I know a number of extremely talented guys that just aren't willing or able to put forth the effort required for it! Oh well, in time....
  15. Mike N

    Mike N Missing the old TB Staff Member Supporting Member

    Jan 28, 2001
    Spencerport, New York
    For the most part,the drummer and myself have been jamming together since 93(although I didnt become Bassist till 95-I was the singer at first).Anyway,at first we had a revolving door for guitarists,I cant remember how many came and went.The Bass player left in early 95 and I took over,we hooked up with a singer and guitarist and it was going good for a year,when the guitarist left.We got a new guitarist,and shortly after we added a second guitarist.Both of them are still with us.The singer(from 95)departed in early 2000(creative differences),the next singer lasted 3 months(bailed out,no warning or explanation).The next few potential "singers" couldnt carry a tune in a bucket.At that point one guitarist and myself considered taking over and sharing the singing duties,but we decided that we'd rather have a full time singer.Finally hooked up with a singer that was talented,but(at least the way I saw it)his desire to do things his way(and only his way)began to create alot of problems and disagreements between band members.Things got pretty bad at one point,so I decided to leave the band before the sh!t really hit the fan.Things didnt work well with my replacement,so after only one show I was asked by the drummer to return to the band.I agreed to play a few shows with them(that they sceduled after I left),but told them I wouldnt rejoin the band in its current condition.The singer ultimately decided it was in his best interest to leave(this was only last month),so I rejoined and here we are.We just hooked up with another singer Monday night(a good friend of ours)and we have a show Friday that he's going to do with us.Hopefully things work out and we can close the revolving door.
  16. PollyBass

    PollyBass ******

    Jun 25, 2001
    Shreveport, LA
    Tell me about it. or drummer, (the only one we could find around here that would play what we wanted) lives an hour and a half away. and hes lazy as crap. and or singer, (My brother) has "Axl Rose" Syndrome. if you get my drift.
  17. Hategear

    Hategear Workin' hard at hardly workin'.

    Apr 6, 2001
    Appleton, Swissconsin
    Tell me 'bout it. Here's my situation: Our lead singer has been singing the same songs for nine months, yet he continues to use cheat sheets during his performance. That's right -- he actually reads the lyrics off of a sheet while he is singing them, in plain view of God and everyone. Our drummer has the nasty habit of speeding up, slowing down, speeding up again and then dropping his drumsticks. Recently, he's started confusing some of the songs with each other, so right in the middle of 'Bad Religion,' he plays a fill from 'Are You There.' Also, his timing is screwy and he usually crashes on the wrong notes. His wife has convinced him that he should do a drum solo during every show though -- so he's got that going for him. Our guitarist has been playing some of the songs we do for over 6 years now and he still effs 'em up. Most times, he'll say he doesn't need to practice a certain song, but then we have to stand around for a few minutes while he figures out what notes to play. He's also the soundguy, which sucks because he's tin-eared as hell and always has to be the loudest guy onstage.

    I cannot for the life of me find anyone as serious as I am about being a musician. Everyone in my area is looking to do heavy metal or punk -- neither of which gets over in my small 'berg. I have even seen one ad that stated: "Bassist wanted to form punk band. Influences include: Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda. No talent necessary." More recently, a couple of 15-year-olds were looking for a bassist to complete their heavy metal cover band: "We play lots of heavy stuff, so you must have a 5 or 6 string bass." Cry-eye! :rolleyes:
  18. melvin


    Apr 28, 2001
    My current situation sucks. The drummer always says were gonna play but then he never calls, so you can say hes practicaly out of the band. And then the guitarist is guess what, playing bass in a green day/blink 182 cover band. How bad is that?
  19. pmkelly

    pmkelly Supporting Member

    Nov 28, 2000
    Kansas City, MO
    Maybe we should get together and just do an all-bass player band, just so we know that everyone will be at rehearsal!
  20. Nice thought PMKelly but I'm gonna be late if I'm having to get to Kansas City.;)


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