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How Many Of You Play in Working Bands?

Discussion in 'Bass Central' started by Michael777, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. ProBass205


    Feb 19, 2016
    Beaumont, Tx
    Greetings ; I play 12-15 shows a month with a Blues trio through out my Louisiana and SE Texas and two Sunday's a month at church.
    My go to bass is a Fender Custim shop 58' P Bass, a Fender American Deluxe J Bass Birch body with a maple neck and a Modulus Q4. Depending on stage size I have three rigs. When using custom ear molds , my rack is a Demeter 201s pre-amp with a DBX 160a a Crown Xti 1000 and Westone triple driver IEM processed through a DBX IEM processed.
    Or a Mesa Stratagy Eight 88
    With. Mesa powerhouse 1200'cab and last but not least a Markbass cmd102p on top of s ....MB 15"
    And a Keely compressor pro.

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  2. broke up due to lead singer syndrome, till then, Rock and Roll, 4 to 6 times a month. 1 cd
  3. Kragnorak


    Sep 20, 2008
    Let's see, from Memorial Day weekend through the last weekend of June I'm gigging every weekend except the one I carved out as a vacation - 7 gigs total:

    • 5 of those are my hard rock/classic rock/metal cover band.
    • 1 gig is my jazz trio, probably with female singer added in
    • 1 gig is me accompanying a solo artist who is doing a mix of songs from his various original bands plus covers.
    • 0 gigs are my main original band as extreme metal doesn't make much money anyway locally and we need to finish some recordings.
  4. I play in a Praise & Worship group at church, usually twice a month. I also play as a temporary fill in for small groups when their regular bass player is not available. I used to play at church every week and frequently for more than one service, but in the last few years I also play mandolin and guitar in a bluegrass band, so there's only so much time available.

    I have several basses, and I alternate depending on how I feel on any given day. In the past I was using my Peavey T40 until the weight became too uncomfortable. Since then I have used my Gibson Ripper, Epiphone Viola, and most recently my Epiphone EBO. I really like a heavy thump sound with just a little edge on it. I recently acquired a Hohner B2A that just blows me away. Haven't used it to play out yet because I really am enjoying the Epiphone EBO with a Line 6 cube amp right now.

    As for amps; I have several of those also. Different sizes for different jobs; some are combo units and others are separate heads with cabinets. Lately I am really trying to go with lighter equipment, but it's hard to beat the sound of some of my vintage (insert "heavy") gear.
  5. Michael777


    Feb 22, 2006
    General Manager: Bass Central
    Yeah Man, I feel the Same about Mass! My Back Doesn't, but I do.
  6. I play in three groups. One is at church where I play bass usually twice a month. Music is a cross between folk and praise & worship. I have several bases and play whichever one speaks to me at the moment. Currently it's an Epiphone EBO; lots of heavy thump with just a little edge.

    My other groups are; a Bluegrass band called Second Wind Olde Time Bluegrass, and an Americana band called Mudhouse Road. I play mandolin in both of those bands and our jobs tend to be seasonal since we mostly play festivals and private parties. For two years in a row we have played two gigs in the same day; 2015 we played two festivals about 50 miles apart on a really hot day. 2016 we played the same early festival followed by a late afternoon private party. I play a Loar F style mandolin in these bands. The Mudhouse Road band lost one of its members and has been sort of wallowing around since then, working a few jobs and putting out feelers for a replacement member.

  7. Just noticed that I posted to this thread earlier also. Sorry about that.

  8. catcauphonic

    catcauphonic High Freak of the Low Frequencies Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2012
    Seattle WA
    Not 'working' as in making a living at it, but normally we try to gig these originals once a month ... modern 80s /indi /post punk /etc etc

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