How Many Pre-CBS Fenders?

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    A question I have not been able to answer, despite digging a bit:

    How many P and J basses were produced, per year, between 1960-1964 by Fender? I would suspect many more P's than J's, but are we talking 1,000 or 10,000? Any idea?

    Which leads into my next question:

    How many of those P's and J's are still in circulation today do you think? Let's say # of all original, and # of all original with refinish only?

    Interesting to figure out what the "supply" really is out there. How truly rare is a pre-CBS?



    Feb 10, 2016
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    Don't know the answer but i can tell you if they made 5,000, say, in 1963, then there are still at least 7,500 in circulation.:laugh:
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    And they all went to Woodstock.
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  4. And amazingly enough nearly all pre CBS Precisions were played by James Jamerson!
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  5. Only the ones with “mojo”.