how much am i going to spend for a fretjob?

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  1. pil101


    Jul 8, 2000
    anyone have a ball park figure for what is a reasonable price to get my '73 4001 RIC refretted? any suggestions about how i should go about a fretjob? what kind of wire i should use, etc.. thanks

  2. I looked into this for my '74 4001. The thing that makes it pricey is the binding around the neck. I found a web site a couple years back that showed how one shop left the binding in place and laid the new frets out to the edge of the binding. Looked like it would work, and it keeps them from having to pull the binding off.

    My guess is like $150-$250. Needless to say, my Rickenbacker still needs a fret job, and I took that money and bought a MIM Jazz bass.

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    Well i see some beauties on the way home from band practice some nights! cheap too!

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    I can't win tonight.


  4. I was just looking at that pricelist that Throbbinnut posted. I had no idea that I saved so much money just by knowing how to set my action, adjust my trussrod, and intonate my basses.