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  1. Well, since I have good things now, I can unload my not-so good things. How much can I get (US $) for the following:

    I have a Squier BP-15 amp, 15 watts 8" speaker. Absolutely perfect condition.

    Squier Affinity P-bass, spray painted white and aftermarket pickguard (Im not expecting much from this)

    And I dont know if Ill sell these, but itd be nice to know what theyre worth:

    Prelude Acoustic Guitar, wood is gouged like you wouldnt believe...and it doesnt have a truss rod, how peculiar.

    Squier Std. Fat Strat, pickguard is scratched, otherwise perfect

    Thank you in advance folks.
  2. melvin

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    Apr 28, 2001
    How much did those originally cost? You could probably make a good hypothesis by saying about half what you bought, less than half for the slightly or pretty damaged things.
  3. Half of retail is fair if the stuff is in really good shape. You might want to consider keeping the bass and amp. A backup bass is good to have and it's nice to have a practice amp for home if you end up leaving your rig at a practice space. Just my $0.02!

  4. Well, the Squier...will be replaced with another bass. And the amp always comes home with me.

    The bass= $150 new
    Amp= $100 new
    Acoustic gutiar=?
    Fat strat=$220 new
  5. Well I sold the amp for $50 and the bass for another $50.