How much is an Epiphone Ripper worth. and what about a gibson one?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Gandolf Bassist, Aug 4, 2001.

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  1. Hello, I've been looking around and saw a few Epiphone Rippers for like $75 in good condition. Why are they worth that much or is it a steal? And how much of a difference is there between a Gibson one and an Epiphone one? Any respnoses are greatly appreciated.
  2. The Epiphone Ripper is one of the poorest examples of a 're-issue' out there. It really bears such a remote resemblance to the Gibson I find it quite shocking they can even call it a Ripper.

    The Gibson Ripper had two passive humbuckers, a glued neck, 4 position rotary pickup/phase selector, passive midrange cut, passive treble cut... The Epiphone has only one pickup and minimal controls - also the type of finish is totally different.

    IMO the Gibson Ripper was perhaps the best passive Gibson bass ever (the RD Artist being the best active - and I have one of each :) ). I really don't have any opinions on the quality of the Epiphone since I haven't played one, but you certainly cannot consider the two Rippers in the same breath because they are very different basses as far as I'm concerned.

    My advice would be to get yourself the authentic Gibson - it will cost more but they are still pretty cheap for a vintage bass. I got mine for $399 (a 1974 natural finish).
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    I own a Epiphone Ripper. I hate it. You can have it.
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    I agree with Rob W, you should check out used market for an original Gibson Ripper, I´d saw them for around $400, which is little money for a vintage bass, and they look really cool.......
  5. I never played one but they had 2 versions of it back in teh day. one had a single pickup 1 vol, 1 tone, 3 point bridge, bolt on neck. then they had a different version stock p bass bridge, p/j pickup configuration, 2 vol, 1 tone, 3 way pickup selector. bolt on neck. In my opinion they sound great but the real gibson ripper is still the best.
  6. how much you selling optimus prime? and where do you ship to canada. and what year epi ripper do you have?
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    It's true the Epiphone Rippers are nothing really like the original Gibson Rippers aside from the body shape. Bolt-on neck, different pickups and pickup configurations.

    However, I still think they are fine basses. I've owned two of them (both the later reissues with the P/J pickups) and still own one. They are their own thing, but I like them a great deal.

    I also used to own a '76 Gibson Ripper but I never had much success making it sound all that good. I was young and I blame myself, but it was a pretty deep muddy bass in my hands.

    I'd say Epi Rippers should run in the $250-$350 range seeing as how they are not made anymore. Probably the earlier ones with the single pup would be on the lower end of that scale and the later P/J ones on the higher end.

    One just sold here on TB recently for $325.
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    You may want to check the dates before bumping a thread. His post is ten years old and he hasn't logged on to TB in over eight years.

    Putting a bullet in this zombie thread.
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