how often?

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  1. How often should u clean your strings?
    also, how is a good way to do it?, yes i know u can boil them
  2. How often "should" you clean your strings? I guess it depends, because I sure have never cleaned my strings before.
  3. As often as you play.

    I personally wipe my bass down before during and after each performance. Also wash your hands prior to playing, this will give your strings a longer life.

    I use small alcohol swabs to clean my strings, individually, not the fretboard, just the strings.

    Unfortunatly the link in the FAQ is not working.....:meh:

    Check that link at a later date, it contains some very useful info when working.

  4. If I am playing a lot I will just replace them when the start sounding dull. Methyl Hydrate (Gas line antifreze) is also an option although boiling them in that might be dangerous.