How should be a fast neck and fretboard?

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  1. For a fast neck 6 string-bass how should be:

    the string spacing?
    the neck radius and thickness?
    the fret size (height and width)?
    the fretboard material?
    And anything you'd like to add....

    Thanks in advance
  2. I'm planning to have a custom 6 string bass so I'll decide the neck construction. I play heavy rock, mostly thrash metal both using pick style and 5 fingers. And I need speed in most songs. I almost never use pop-slap technique so I don't need very wide string spacing.

    For the neck construction decision I know that it depends mostly on habits and preferences and I know being fast depends more on by whom and how the bass is played rather than the neck depth. But it's like an athlete wearing special shoes for running a 100-meter race, I'm asking how the shoes should be rather than the practice program of the athlete :)
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    Apr 20, 2000
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    well i suggest goin to the store and tryn stuf out. if you find spacing/width you like, pick up the specs of the bass you likes online and there you go. i no nothing about 6ers but thought you could use something. JT might know a thing or two about 5+ string basses tho ;)