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How should I mod this P Bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bassman040, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. After spending a couple of days fixing up my old Squier '83 Bullet Bass, I've managed to : straighten the old neck, fit on a Badass II bridge, make my own micro tilt adjustment with a credit card, redone electronics including shielding with aluminium foil and star grounding. The bass now plays with nice low action and quiet electronics with its sweet P bass tone.

    Since its my only bass where I'm based at the moment, I'm thinking of doing mods to it to make it more versatile, possibly giving it a tighter tone for other types of playing apart from fingerstyle like slapping.

    Some of the mods I've considered include:
    -adding a Jazz/Musicman bridge pickup
    -fitting an Aguilar internal preamp
    -swapping out the original P pickups to match the new bridge pickup
    -doing a parallel and series wired switch for the P pickups

    I can't think about other options at the moment but I'm open to suggestions from all you guys out there. Even for some of you guys who disagree with me modding this old bass, please tell me why. Thanks guys!

    Here are some pics of the bass:
    Checkout the Telecaster Headstock

    Its got those lace pickup covers
  2. i'd say it would be unwise to put a MM pickup but Jazz doesn't seem like a bad idea.
  3. That is one intense bass. I don't know if i would even bother modding it beyond that. I'd try slipping in a darkstar, a qtuner or a bill lawrence jazz pickup for a fairly transparent color you can add to give really intruiging elements. Also consider the Audere preamp, it's really transparent so it doesn't sound different from passive, but it has stereo buffering so the pickup tones don't defeat each other, as well as all the Z-settings which add really awesome darker tones without the mud.
  4. Or piezo pieces in the bridge?

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