How should this signal chain be arranged?

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  1. I'm using the following...
    -ADA MB-1 Pre Amp
    -Power Amp
    -BBE 482 (Sonic Maximizer)
    -Korg DTR-2 Rack Tuner
    -Furman Power Conditioner

    How should this all be arranged/connected in terms of order...keep in mind the input on the ADA is on the front panel, and the Korg has a front and rear input jack...

  2. I'll take first crack at this...
    1.Power conditioner (I've never had ill effects from NOT using one, but I can see, at least theoretically an argument for...)
    2.Tuner (BUT...I wouldn't run it in the chain. Leave it by itself and just plug into it when you need to tune - which for all intents and purposes should be once a show...unless you bass has some tuning issues. - The reason for this; is to avoid any {even minimal} degradation of your've got enough 'stuff' it has to go thru before it gets to your power supply.)
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    Many preamps have Tuner Outs, check if the ADA has one.

    (However, I've not used power conditioners so far, so I dont know whether you should plug the pre into it, too)

    Okay, gayve up making a good diagram with these fonts. What works well in the reply and edit mode, sucks sent (show the spaces, please? :eyebrow: )

    Bass into pre
    Tuner into Tuner Out on pre
    Pre Out to BBE
    Then to power amp, which is fed through the power conditioner;
    And in the end: speakers.
  4. Good point.

    If there's one thing I'm sure of...if you are going to use a power conditioner - its first in the chain, regardless of where you place it in your rack. Its there to give consitent voltage to your equipment.
    Did the scematic above come out the way you intended? 'Cause, I'm a little confused.
  5. Oh...ok, I jumped the gun at replying before you pulled it. Sorry.
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    the power conditioner isnt in your signal chain - you just plug everything into it

    ideally your ada will have a tuner out allowing you to run a line to the tuner that way. Otherwise you could try plugging into it 1st and seing if it introduces noise into your signal or degrades it significantly. If not, for live performance it's ok to leave it in the signal chain and makes it useful as a way to mute your bass.
    if the ada has an effects loop i would use the bbe in the effects loop (ada effects send ->bbe input->bbe output->ada effects return). Otherwise you can experiment with using the bbe before and after the preamp, but i would use it before the preamp in the absence of an effects loop.
    Preamp into poweramp is your last connection.
  7. Yeah..."chain"; wrong term. I meant, the first thing-a-ma-jig that gets a plug stuck in it! ;)
  8. partly my fault...I was more or less listing all of the stuff going in my rack. There was really no need to list the power conditioner. Sorry for the confusion.

    So, if the BBE should go in the effects loop on my ADA, I guess my only question is, should I go:
    Bass > Tuner > Pre > Power > Cabs


    Bass > Pre > Tuner > Power > Cabs

  9. by the way...there's no 'tuner out' on the ADA...
  10. IvanMike

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    Nov 10, 2002
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    Bass > Tuner > Pre > power > cabs
    ta dah!
  11. Tim__x


    Aug 13, 2002
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    Good choice, but... with a passive bass my personal preference would be
    Bass > Pre > Tuner > Power > Cab, to reduce loading.
  12. Yep...that looks good. Oh wait, where'd the BBE go?
    One more shot:
    Bass > Pre > BBE > Power > Cab(s) - I would really leave the tuner out of the signal chain. (Some if not all can effect the signal.)
  13. IvanMike

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    Nov 10, 2002
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    no, no, no,
    where have you been? :p
    his pre has an effects loop so the bbe is in that.............
  14. oh...duh! (need to keep up w/ the posts)