how to add tension to the strings?

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  1. thekifla


    Jul 8, 2009
    im new here and i need help.i wanted to lower the action so i tightened the truss rod, lowered the saddle, and i lowered the action but my strings lost "tension" they are now "weaker".i was wondering if there´s a way to add some tension without raising the action.
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    Tune higher. :)
  3. Use thicker strings.
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    we have a forum on setup. the basses forum is about specific bass related questions.

    please use the appropriate forum when posting. thanks :).
  5. Your strings didn't 'lose tension,' it just seems that way due to the lowered action. There is no way to add tension without going to higher gauge strings. Or tune higher, which obviously isn't the best idea.
  6. strings can be orderd with a specific tension but its a limit to what gauge has what tension... the best way fro higher tension is always alonger scale lenght
  7. Use higher gauge strings. I did that when I started to detune the bass and strings got sloppy. Fixes the problem, but the sound may change too. I.e. slapping is not as good as on lower gauges.

    Also the hex core strings tend to be "stiffer" than round core.