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  1. I have a soundman/custom furniture builder friend who said he can build me a rack case if I buy the materials. does anyone have any clue where to get this stuff? there is places where I live but they just build then for you.

    What exactely is the material called that is on the walls of it?

  2. I found a place that supplies that stuff and it is way expensive, but ya save $80 building your own.

    $2.49 sq ft. aluminum
    $5.00 ea for handles, corners etc..
    $0.99 rubber feet

    came to about $180 canadian

    if you were wonderin'

    So what I did was ordered a 2 space gator rack case, the guy said it is a little cheaper than SKB.
    and doesn't look to bad.

    What I was wondering does anyone know if I'll get enough ventilation? I could't tell- because I ordered it of course.

    I need .5" and own a SWR bass 350