How to bypass a firewall?

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  1. Im at College, using the school's T1 line for internet connection. It has a firewall, so it wont allow p2p operation. Any idea how to safely (i.e. I dont want to get in LOTS of trouble) bypass the firewall so I can use kazaa lite/.

    Are there any other p2p that my firewall night not pick up?
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    If the administrators have done their job there will probably be very few ports open, only a very select few like port 80 for http/web pages. So if you can't find what you are looking for via a web interface you're most likely out of luck!
  3. I was afraid that would be the case. Looks like I'll have to start buying CD's again with the money I don't have.
  4. or do the same as i did..

    set up a tunnel THRU the firewall with your PC at home, and then use your internet connection at home for your stuff :)

    so it becomes something like this

    application -> tunnel client software -> firewall /proxy -> tunnel server software -> internet