How to clean warwick clean finish ?

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  1. Ok.. here's the deal..

    i'm getting one of these :


    in June.. but how do i clean this type of finish ?
    the one i played didn't have a noticable oil-finish on it, like for example the Thumb..
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    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
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    Thats what the Warwick Wax is for.
    It cleans and seals somewhat the wood.
    I have used it and It works, It will get some stains over time (like any unprotected wood) but that will give it a lot of character.

    That´s an LX 5 isnt it?
    I have an LX 6.

    A little suggestion, if you can get it with Basslines right ahead, DO IT. The MEC´s arent good enough for a bass that nice.
  3. the picture is the LX-5 broadneck.. but i want the normal one, with 16mm spacing..