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How to do this technique?

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by Tehdouglas, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Tehdouglas


    Feb 10, 2006

    Im trying to play songs like this, some RHCP and Primus stuff both have the muted notes but they make them sound very nice and im not sure exactly how theyre doing it. Both use fingers and it sounds like its done with a pick but i know its not! Any help?
  2. OneArmedScissor


    Feb 23, 2006
    I'm 98% sure flea uses a pick in that song.
  3. Tehdouglas


    Feb 10, 2006
    Sounds like hes slapping though, when hes not playing the muted
  4. ok flea doesnt not use a pick ever ... ok jsut to get that outta the way ....um he plays normally with finger and just mutes the notes he plays very hard and his tone makes it sound like he slaps, hence around the world after the intro sounds like he is popping but he isnt
  5. Flea does indeed use a pick on some songs. He used one for the first time on Parallel Universe, and a couple of songs off of By The Way.
  6. Chili


    Mar 8, 2005
    so u abvously dont no much about Flea live, what makes u think he never uses a pick ever? he used to yous a pick all the time when he was in fear, and he uses a pick on parrallel universe, dont forget me and more

    i dont think he uses a pick for this song, he doesnt live so i dont think he would of in the studio, and he doesnt slap it, he just has very aggressive finger style
  7. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Flea uses a pick at times, he uses one for Fortune Faded, and Don't forget me i believe, parallel universe as well.

    So yes, he does use a pick for fortune faded, no it is NOT slap. Its just a pick. You can tell from the precision of the mutes.

    Plus ive seen a live video.
  8. yup.

    I think he probably just uses a pick Fortune Faded live...although you can mute-slap stuff when going fast to make those kind of noises...Get Up And Jump has a similar technique...but it's a hell of alot easier to use a pick :smug:

  9. I don´t really know Flea, but for mutted (or muffled) notes you have to damp the notes with your left hand while plucking them with your right hand. DON´T fret the note just put your finger on the string and you´ll have a muted sound.