How to find the right guitar player?

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  1. This post serves two purposes.

    First, if you know someone in the Philly/South Jersey area who fits the bill... let me know.

    Second, if you think I can go about this a better way... let me know.

    I play bass for a cover band based out of Blackwood, NJ. We are currently a four piece- singer, guitar, bass, and drums. We play covers. Stuff like Foo Fighters, U2, Green Day... mostly modern rock. We also play some classic rock and '80's covers as well. AC/DC, Jet, Anthrax, The Cure, Bush, Pearl Jam, Velvet Revolver, etc. Bar music. Nothing fancy. We are looking for a second guitarist to play lead and some rhythm. We aren't looking for Stevie Ray Vaughan. We are looking for someone who stopped playing in a band a few years ago, got married, got a job, had a kid... and wants to play again.

    We play out every few months. We rehearse once a week in a warehouse. The rehearsal space is owned by the drummer and guitar player, who are brothers. It is a nice place to practice. We are all in our early to mid thirties. We are married, have kids, jobs, and lives. The band IS important- just not the most important things in our lives. Kids get sick, people have to work late, and so on. But we are good about having a weekly practice. We are not, and never will be, rock stars. We play for fun. No one in the band is a Hendrix, Jaco, Buddy Rich, or Freddy Mercury... we don't want to record an album, tour the US and conquer the world.

    However, finding a guitar player who is also somewhat middle aged and has the same priorities is difficult. For one, we have had two guys who showed up for an audition.. were really good.. said they were interested.... and never showed up a second time. The other type of guy responded to our Craigslist posting (which reads pretty much like the second paragraph of this post... because I copy/pasted it :D ) and said that he wanted to play out once a week or play death metal or was just really, really, weird. One guy asked what our astrological signs were in his first email.

    So, there has to be some TB'ers out there in the same situation. How do you go about filling the job with the right guy.

    Help. :help:
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    Honestly, your ad is perfectly honest for what you are looking for. Craig's List probably isn't the right venue to advertise for such a guitar player.

    Why not check with the local music shops to see if they know of anyone who fits the bill?
  3. You mean, do it "old school". That is a good idea. I usually haunt the local indie shops... I might do the old fringed 8 1/2 x 11 paper on the bulletin board.... can't hurt.

    All the guitar players I know are too busy (work), too busy (music), too young (17) or too married (whipped).

    It's a shame... we are a pretty good band.
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    Yeah, I think I can totally get what you are looking for from your ad - nothing wrong there.

    I'm afraid it's a numbers game. You have to be ready to see a lot of dudes and have the overwhelming majority of them work out to be a non-fit, and quite a few of them be really weird. Then, at some point, the right guy will walk in the door, and, if you have talked to lots of cats, you will realize this one is the right one very quickly. I bet, in the end, it's about chemistry as much as anything else, too.

    Edit - I just remembered a guitar luthier who used to live near me and moved to the suburbs west of Philly a while ago. His name is Todd Reith ([email protected]). Nice guy, and based on what he does, he may be aware of some cats in your area who are looking.