How to fix a cracked bridge?

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    One of my students owns an Ibanez SR505, a newer model with the quick release bridge. The anchor point for the A string on the bridge has a crack which has caused it to bend upwards...the string won't secure itself anymore. The attached pics don't show it, but I assume short of welding it, the only other option is replacing it (which we would rather avoid). Any suggestions?
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    Pic: ImageUploadedByTalkBass.com1357845520.913258.
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    He might be able to put a ground-to-fit washer between the ball and the bridge, but if it's bending, it's going to break before long. A replacement bridge would probably cost less than labor to (possibly unsuccessfully) fix the existing one.
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    I would contact Ibanez - they might replace it for free...

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  5. Hi.

    I have done such repairs and therefore can give a huge +1 for:

    Except for my repairs has been succesful (but ugly ;)).
    But then again, I have several lathes and milling machines to aid in the fabrication.

    With all setting up, it'll take about an hour to measure and fabricate the part, so ~$100 or so.

    A simple stepped spacing ferrule can be ground freehand with an angle grinder as well, but the fingers are at a grave risk.

    Welding is virtually impossible because of the Zinc alloy used. Brazing is possible in theory, but will lead to more troubles with the finish melting/scaling away, and quite likely the whole bridge bending badly.

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    Busted steel would require welding to truly fix it. But T-Bird is definitely correct with welding zinc. Replace it with the original or buy a badass and bolt that sucker on there.
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    I concur that you aren't going to fix that, and the best approach is to try to get a new bridge from Ibanez.

    However, one repair that I can suggest is to make up an aluminum plate that fits across the back of the bridge, all the way across, with holes for all the strings. That would give good support for all of them, without any modifications to the bridge or instrument. Rounded off and polished up, it would probably look okay.
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    I bow to you! That's nice creative thinking. :cool:
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    Find an Allen wrench that will fit through the ball ends of the strings. Starting at one end, loosen one at a time to get the ball exposed. Pass the wrench through the ball and take up a bit of slack. Proceed until all balls have been anchored. You may want to trim to length or eliminate the bend of the wrench beforehand but that's entirely up to you. I did this on a cheap headless I got from eBay a few years ago.

    Best of luck to you,
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    Thanks for all the responses as usual. I'm guessing it was possibly weakened by my student leaving the bass in extreme heat a few times (followed by taking it to an A/C room). We're gonna go the easy route and get the factory replacement. (and it was a SR305 not 505, same bridge though)