how to fix dent in back of maple neck (MM SR5)

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  1. remo


    Jan 15, 2005
    :bawl: it's not brand new anymore :bawl:

    ok my brand new maple neck SR5 bit the dust and now there's a dent in the wood on the back of the neck behind the 3rd fret position.. its in a really bad spot I can feel it when ever I play. The dent is about 4mm long and maybe a mm or so deep... It's deep enough to be felt while playing...

    Has this happened to anyone and how did they repair it??

    p l e a s e h e l p :rollno:


    ok people... I dug deep on the net and found (actually on the EB forum) a post on how to fix dings on necks that don't have a coating (as in a laquer finish)..

    heres the post:

    I just did it on mine and it came up PERFECT!! :hyper: :hyper:

    As the guy said, just keep checking the dent after each press (I pressed the soldering iron on for about 3 seconds each time) and don't over do it... just do it with care.

    I 'touched' the dinged area with a tiny bit of 320 sandpaper afterwards and now its totally undetectable!!! Man, I'm SOOO relieved, and I don't even have to take it to a luthier now!
  2. Good stuff man ! Glad to hear everything turned out OK.
    It's a great feeling to go from "Oh no ! My baby is ruined" to "Yes ! I fixed it, MYSELF !".
  3. wooo this thread saved me cool,5 years old too