How to make the foot switch on your MS-50/60/70 soft touch

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  1. jibreel


    Apr 12, 2005
    How to make the foot switch on your MS-50/60/70 soft touch:

    Remove the back plate [six screws]

    Hanging the battery compartment over the side of the pedal

    Remove the two circuit boards above the foot switch [six screws total]

    CAREFULLY remove the small padded end rod that connects the foot switch to the circuit board and set it aside. If you lose this, you're screwed! Pic 2

    Now the hard part: remove the C ring that secures the foot switch inside the pedal.

    Now all of the necessary parts have been removed. Pic 4

    Cut the spring to the length that you would like in order to achieve the softness of action you would like and then reassemble. Pic 5

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