How to persuade your folks to let you buy used gear

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  1. Ok, I've been wanting a Peavey 410 for a looong time.. Now i have enough money to get a used one. My mom wants me to buy a new one so I won't get ripped off. :rolleyes: I explained to her that I didn't have enough money for a new one, and that I still need to save up money to buy a head. Her response? "I'll pay for the differece". Sounds good, but when I tell her that I want to buy one, she says "No, no we don't have a lot of money right now to spend on this kind of stuff". If she doesn't want me to get a used one (even though I'm using my own money), but won't pay the difference for a new one like she said she would, then what am I supposed to do?? I wish she would just let me buy a used one!
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    i recommend you take up the kazoo. its a very cost-effective musical instrument, and you can get the same pleasure level from it as bass.

  3. I guess you should ask yourself a few questions like:

    how did you get the money?

    how old are you?

    do you pay rent?

    do you have a head to use with it if you had it right now?

    Do you have an amp?

    Do you need an amp?

    Do you always listen to your mom?

    Will it take long to save more money?

    Is the used one in good shape or are you just impatient?

    and the list goes on and on..

    I dunno it is tough to say I personally can't make her change her mind, but hey depending on your situation maybe just wait or if you are like 45 living at home say "screw you mom I am buying it!!!" and then move out :D
  4. From saving every penny I could possibly get. That and embessilment;)
    14 (too young to get a job)
    a geetar amp
    hell yes
    not always
    It's in good shape, plus I dont want to wait another year to save up a few hundred bucks
    and the list goes on and on..

    I dunno it is tough to say I personally can't make her change her mind, but hey depending on your situation maybe just wait or if you are like 45 living at home say "screw you mom I am buying it!!!" and then move out :D [/B][/QUOTE]
  5. Well based on the info given you cant even use it right now since you have no head. I would say get a job at McDonalds or whatever save up the cash before you have to worry about car insurance, rent, schoool etc...

    I know this is not what you want to hear but how long will it be until you can afford a bass head? Just save the money and buy them both at the same time, that way if you change your mind you can get something else. Maybe look into a good combo for now? but again that would probably be used too.

    well good luck

    see ya
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    WHAT?! getting ripped off buying used?!

    the only time's i've been ripped off is when i buy new. instrument stuff depreciates so much, man. when you sell this thing for $300 2 years down the road, would you rather have paid $400 used or $700 new?

  7. I suggest sneaking behind their backs. It worked for me.
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    Bottom line, you get a LOT more bang for your buck if you buy used. I've found stuff in stores and from private parties that was great gear at monster low prices. You just have to use your gut as to whether someone is going to rip you or not.

    I still stick by my standard advice to look at the best gear you can possibly afford, then buy one notch up. You end up keeping your gear for a longer time, and the economics actually work out better.

    Good luck!

    p.s. Tell mom or dad to drop us a line here at the forum, and we'll work 'em for you.
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    Make print outs of the new price ads... and the used price ads... then you can demonstrate the savings. Don't forget you can sell the guitar amp to help you pay for what you need. Good luck.
  10. whats the purpose if you dont have an amp head to plug into it? You know you cannot plug directly in with your bass. you need a power amp, and pre-amp. i say keep saving your pennies untill you have enough for both.
  11. Well...i juss said and said and annoyed my parents until the breaking point. They were either going to ground me or let me buy the used bass...guess which happened :) Do what i did and hope u dont get grounded :p :rolleyes:
  12. i didn't get any music equipment except my dad's old trumpet until i got old and adult and stuff and bought, borrowed, or stole it myself.

    the old trumpet still rocks though.
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    It's normal for your mom to be concerned because she's thinking if you buy a used cabinet it will be broken, will blow up, etc. She's probablyequating it to buying a used TV or a used car. You know, new = good, used = bad

    I'm an old fart (47) and my own teenage daughter plays bass. Her basses and amps are all used. Most of the gear I use myself as a working musician was bought used.

    I'd be glad to speak with your mom personally if she would be interested.
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    I agree with brianrost's diagnosis of your parents. My dad would never, ever buy anything used. He buys a new car every two years cuz when they get 40,000 miles on 'em, "they're junk." I would say that if you want to buy used and your mom says if you get new, she'll pay the difference, you should try to take advantage of that! Sit down with them and (gasp) talk to them about the situation and see what you can come up with. Maybe getting a part-time job on the weekend is a viable option and if they see you working hard to earn something, they'll be more willing to help you out. Also, don't make the mistake of saying, "It's my money -- I can buy what I want!" It's their house and their rules. When you're 18 and out on your own, you can do whatever you want to do. Until then, the "it's my money" bit will only get you into trouble (or cause you to have to pay rent at 14). ;)

    PS...14 is not too young to work. I got my first job at a li'l mom-and-pop grocery store when I was 14. By the time I turned 15, I was working about 30-32 hours a week and was on the Honor Roll at school. That was the absolute best I had ever done in school. It was at that time the laws were changed regarding school-aged students and work -- "because if a kid is working, he's not doing his schoolwork." Bullsh*t.
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    Wait till you have to talk a wife into letting you buy anything. New or used. :(
    I've resorted to building stuff. You can spread the parts over time so they don't know how much it costs in the end.

    But seriously, you might point out that with music gear, you can often sell a used piece later for the same or more than you pay for it.
    Keep in mind that they're probably trying to look out for your best interest. If there's a club close by where they can go talk to a "pro" maybe he/she couldmake them feel more comfortable buying used.
  16. Dammit... well, If I can score a nice cab for 250 bucks, lets see... if i saved enough cash, a head wouldn't be too far away. Getting them at the same time <i>would</i> be a good idea, you're right..

    Anyway, here's the deal. I can get a used Peavey TX 410 for $210 (!) or a new Peavey TVX 410 for $500 at my local store. And of course there are plenty of places online, I'm not restricted to this.. Even though the TVX is 4 ohm and the TX is 8 ohm, It would still be a better deal because I could probably find <i>another</i> TX for approx. the same amount and have 2 cabs that equal 4 ohms, and the cost would STILL be less than the brand new one.
    Which do you think is a better deal?:rolleyes:

    As for getting a job, no place around here allows you to work at 14. All fast food is 16 (maybe some are 15), all supermarkets are 16 I think... I'll have to check. I believe that 14 is generally too young. I can get a work permit, but there aren't too many jobs you can get.
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    That's only about $100 off of list. I would think you should be able to talk 'em down lower than that. A Peavey FireBass lists for about $700. I had talked my local store's saleswoman down to $550. In the few weeks that went by while I "decided" if that's what I wanted to spend, they ended up having a closeout sale and I got the thing for about $460 brand new (although it was a display model)!

    If the best you can do right now is a paper route, then a paper route is what you should get. ;)