How to start singing?

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  1. O.k. there are absolutely noooooooo singers in my town. So I'm going to learn to sing. I'm not trying to develope an incredible voice. I'd have to say that I'm going for a style that's a lot like Trent Reznor. Just enough to keep in tune really.

    So what are some of the ways you guys learned to sing? Other than going directly to a vocal coach. Which I'm not ruling out, but really isn't pheasable right now. Thanks.
  2. I sing along to my favorite records while playing. Watch your breathing though, because I often times find my self out of breath because I didn't breath during a vocal rest.
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    Actually, learning to sing without a teacher is likely to get you slow/inadequate results, a lot of bad habits, and some risk of throat injury (if you go for notes where you have to strain to hit them). I'd seriously recommend taking even a couple of lessons just to get an idea of what you need to work on, be conscious of, and avoid.
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    Sing along with the radio. But don't let it drown out your voice so that you can make sure you're in tune.

    Good luck!
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    i guess there's some guides you could read online, but nothing compares to a few lessons. there's so much to keep track of while singing. a big part of it is controlling the shape of your throat and soft palate, which takes practice. breathing, and keeping your throat/jaw/tongue relaxed.

    that's not to say that you can't just go ahead and practice singing without regard to technique, but most famous guys who have done that have been naturally gifted. if you want to progress quickly, get a teacher to show you the technical basics and then you can practice on your own from there.
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    I agree :D
  7. I can sing and I play Bass, but I can't sing AND play bass...... one of 2 things usually happen, I either go off singing the notes I'm playing or I suddenly start playing the notes I'm singing. I tried doing both numerous times over the years and became so frustrated with it that I've given up attempting to sing.
  8. I guess I'd better find a teacher before I make it worse. I'm definitely not one of the gifted people.:meh:
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    Just sing. Get into singing, listen closely to singers and sing songs - by yourself and in a band setting.
    You don't necessarily need vocal lessons.
    Lennon, McCartney and Harrison didn't take vocal lessons and they did ok.
    I read that Brandon Boyd of Incubus took exactly ONE vocal lesson and basically thought it was worthless for him - and (to me) he has one of the clearest, most appealing voices in rock.
    Singing is like anything else. You learn by doing. Lessons might be helpful or they might not.
    Re who you sound like, I'd advise going with the natural direction of your voice. You may or may not have a Reznor type voice. It's better to groom your natural voice.