How to tell if you've been ignored?

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  1. Is there anyway to tell if you've been put on someone PM ignore list?
  2. Why would you want to know?
    What difference would it make?
    Would you want to retaliate?

    Forget it and move on.
  3. Trying to make a deal.
    I might get a bass I've been trying to for a LONG time.
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    Send them a PM. If they really hate you, it'll come back with a little note saying something like, "This member hates you and wouldn't take a PM from you even if you were trying to award him Ten Million Dollars in the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes."
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    Not that I care too much, but if I found out I was in somebody's ignore list I would check to see if I remembered any "incident" between us. If they were a jerk then they probably ended up in my ignore list anyway, so whatever. If I can't remember any incident, and they're not in my list, then I'd probably want to find some way to apologize to them for whatever I said that ticked them off.
  6. What happened between us wasn't nearly bad enough for either one of us to blacklist one another. If anything it was a huge awkward moment that resulted in more than a few facepalms on my end because I did something that cost me the bass in the first place. But like I said, nothing bad.
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    Tell the story now....


  8. Not until either I have have the bass in my hands or there is absolutely no chance of me getting it from the guy :oops:.
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    Let me relieve you, I am not ignoring you...
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    Part of the it may be the Al Qaeda look you got going on. It's not real popular in most parts of the world, especially the USA.

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    I thought he was a ninja who failed at "stealth".
  12. Yeah, I should change the pic. A few friends thought it was hilarious so I thought why not, but it's time for a change.
  13. Hi.


    Hilarious? Hardly. Mildly amusing? Not even that. In my humble opinion of course, and I'm not even an American.

    Always remember that in the internet: "You are what You write" and an avatar can be seen quite like the Kodak ad back in the day told us: "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"

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    A couple years ago, I became annoyed with another member of the forum and put him on my ignore list. After awhile, I forgot why I was annoyed with him and took him off my ignore list. Soon after that he made some posts that annoyed me again and I told him off (in the middle of a thread) and put him back on my ignore list.

    I received an infraction and a chewing out by the forum mod for disrespecting another TB member.

    I looked back at my own posts and realized that I was the annoying jerk and the person I was busy ignoring was merely stating his opinions and wasn't being disrespectful at all. I sent him a PM to apologize.

    I've since learned to respect this TB member and I very much enjoy reading his posts now that I understand his unique style of writing.

    I can't imagine putting anyone on my ignore list, now. If someone was so obnoxious that I would feel compelled to do that, I'm guessing they would be banned first.
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    That's it, dude. You're going on my ignore list :mad:

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    Does it make me a bad person for wishing this thread had no replies?
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  18. I was thinking the same thing! :p
  19. I appreciate the lols but anyone mind answering my question :rolleyes:? I think Munji did but I'm not sure :confused:
  20. Don't make me ignore you!!! :D

    ...I don't think there is any specific way to tell. PM the cat, if he writes you back, you're cool. If not, he apparently doesn't want to speak to you.