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How To Wire A 2-Way, 4-Pole Toggle Switch

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by zenbassuk, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. zenbassuk


    Jul 8, 2007
    What we would like to do ...
    Connect wires from Bridge and Neck PU's to the 2-way, 4-pole switch
    Wires from the switch to the pre-amp Hot/Cold connections for the Bridge and Neck PU's (Positive and Negative for each PU)
    The switch to move the Humbucker PU's between Series and Parallel
    Connections currently in place ...

    Bass Guitar has two Humbucker Pickups (Neck and Bridge). The back of the pickups have wiring as shown below.


    The wires from the pick-ups go to a 2-Way, 4-Pole Toggle Switch with 12 connection points as shown below. Moving the toggle switch from left to right either connects pins 5-9 to pins 1-4 OR pins 9-12.

    From the switch, wiring goes to the Pre-amp PCB where there are connections for Bridge (Hot and Cold) and Neck (Hot and Cold). The switch (it is assumed) moves the PU's from Series to Parallel.


    Not all wires are connected, some have come loose. The wiring that is in place is as follows ...

    (Numbers refer to switch connectors, as numbered above)

    1, Green and Screen from Bridge PU and a bare wire link to connector 4
    2, Blue from Bridge PU
    3, Not connected, no solder showing any previous connection being made.
    4, Bare wire link to connection 1 + Screen and Green from Neck PU + Screen for wire feeds to Pre-amp PCB
    5,Red from Bridge PU
    6, Link to connector 9
    7, Possible previous connection, no wire at present
    8, Red from Neck PU
    9, Link to connector 6
    10, Blue from Neck PU
    11, Wire assumed to go to the pre-amp PCB, should be connected to positive solder pad on PCB for Bridge PU input
    12, Wire to pre-amp PCB connected to positive solder pad on PCB for Neck PU input

    At present, as listed above ...

    *the wires from the Bridge PU are all connected to the switch

    *the Green, Red, Blue and Screen wires from the Neck PU are connected to the switch, the Yellow wire is loose

    *there is a wire (Hot and Cold) from the switch to the Neck PU connections on the Pre-amp PCB

    *there is a wire (Hot and Cold) connected to the Bridge PU connections on the Pre-amp PCB. This is not connected to the switch and is flying loose

    *there is a wire connected to the switch, flying loose and assumed to of been connected to the flying lead from the Pre-amp PCB Bridge connections. This wire has its screen connected to the switch connector 4, a red wire connected to switch connector 11 and blue wire not connected to anything.

    Hope all that makes sense !!!!

    Pictures of the switch are below