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How would a Traynor YBA200 sound with...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by learning_towalk, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. an avatar 210 and Avatar sb115

    i'm deffinately interested in getting a light all tube amp...other heads I'm looking at are the Iamp 650,Eden WT-500,Ampeg SVT 3,and Ampeg B4R

    so how tonally will the Traynor compare???

    I'm wanting to be able to go from a Wooten sound to a Mike Gordon sound to an all out all Lowend trance/techno/hip hop bass sound...

    will the traynor let me do this?

    also how is the noise on it? is it hissy? I HATE hiss!!!
  2. tmu


    Mar 14, 2004
    I just got my Traynor, I bet it would sound really good with that combo; You can, however, get the matching cab, which is also 210 and 15; power handling is lower, but the cab is pocket friendly and matched with the head... the speakers in it are also Eminence. Those other amps are nice, but sound very different from the traynor; the tube power section really makes the bottom end sound biG! It isn't linear response like, say, the iAMP. However, if you use the tweeter on the cab (I have the matching one), you can get a pretty hifi tone, especially making good use of the resonance knob.
  3. tmu


    Mar 14, 2004
    the amp is quiet by the way... very quiet.
  4. cool...see I'm wanting to get the two seperate cabs because they only weight ~50lbs each...really easy on the back! especially when you gotta lug stuff up and down stairs...that's why I'm downsizing my rig alltogether...

    so do you honestly think that the YBA200 will suit my needs?
    also how loud is it? loud enough to cut through at a gig/loud practice? also how about the noise...is there a treble hiss to it?
    like i said I need the hifi sound one gig,the deep deep bass another gig,and everything inbetween for the next gig..

    i know what ever I get I'll get a Yamaha NE-1 to run with it (oh how I love that little 50 dollar box!)

    thanks a lot!
  5. tmu


    Mar 14, 2004
    Try it if you can... like I said, there is a manageable hifi tone, but it does the tube thing best. I can see where you are coming from with weight, but remember that the matched cab only weights 82 pounds... but it is a fair bit bulkier...
  6. tmu


    Mar 14, 2004
    No hiss at all.
  7. yah my 410 weighs 85 and that's too much to lug up and down flights of steps...the high hi tone is my secondary need...as long as I can get a deep clear tone (ie Mike Gordon of Phish/Ryan Stasik of Umphreys McGee) to a REALLY deep Sound Tribe Sector 9/Disco Biscuits tone...and it's tube so I assume that it'll offer a good alternative rock tone...

    I can't find anywhere within an hour of me that has one...so I'll probly just order one and try it...if I don't like it I'm sure that I'll be able to use it as trade bait. thanks for the help!
  8. my yba 200 cuts through really well, last gig i had i brought my 2x15 and i only had it up to 5, we play pretty loud and i cut through pretty good.
  9. Mmmmmm... Think how the YBA200 would sound with an Eden D-215XLT. I love that cab.
  10. yah those eden 215's are great...but I wouldn't wanna lug em up and down flights of steps :eek:

  11. Very true. :(
  12. i think I'm pretty settled on getting one ASAP...unless I see a rediculous deal on an EA 650/800