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How would i go about...

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by UncleNuzzy, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. UncleNuzzy


    Dec 16, 2006
    Okay, here is my dilemma.

    I have an ibanez GSR 200
    http://ibanez.com/guitars/guitar.asp?model=GSR200, a P/ J combo active bass-and i was wondering if :
    a) A SJB-3 Seymour-Duncan quarter pound jazz pickup would work in the bass with out having to make large modifications in the wiring
    b) How challenging would it be to make this bass a passive one? could i simply remove the active wiring system and put in a simpler, passive one without too much trouble?

    Any suggestions/ wisdom would be much appreciated.
  2. PSPookie


    Aug 13, 2006
    Lubbock, TX
    A) It should be fairly simple to replace the existing passive pickup with another passive P pickup. Just a dirrect replacement, no additionale rewiring is needed.
    B) The rewiring necessary to make this bass passive is not too complicated. How challenging it would be depends upon your soldering skills and understanding of simple electronic circuits.
  3. 62bass


    Apr 3, 2005
    Yes, the Quarter Pounder will drop right in there and will even work with the existing active preamp.

    Some guys have modified these Ibanez and a few ither P-J models to passive by removing the preamp and putting in all passive circuitry. I know there are a few companies around that will sell you a pre wired harness and controls that will save you most of the harder work. Also any good tech should be able to do it for you. Doing it yourself is possible if you can solder well and follow directions.
  4. UncleNuzzy


    Dec 16, 2006
    That's the answer I was hoping for- Thanks man.
  5. 62bass


    Apr 3, 2005
    You're welcome. The Ibanez GSR 200 is a very nice bass for the money and the active preamp sounds good as long as you don't overload it pushing the EQ to extemes. I also find that running the volume on the bass at about 3/4 rather than wide open when using the bass boost optimizes the sound.

    The GSR 200 is hard to beat at that price and I recommend it to my young students just starting out on bass. With good strings (I use Thomastic flatwounds on all my basses) it sounds quite respectable and I'd have no qualms using it on a pro gig. The stock strings are terrible in my opinion.

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