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How would I notate this?

Discussion in 'Ask Steve Lawson & Michael Manring' started by wulf, May 4, 2002.

  1. wulf


    Apr 11, 2002
    Oxford, UK
    Finally, my latest recording made it through the MP3.com approval process! :D Go to:


    and listen to the first track ('Dappled Reflections').

    I came up with it by developing an idea that came out of jamming around and spent most of the afternoon trying to record the different layers to my PC and combine them into something musical. However, I couldn't get the timing right, so in the end I just played it live (Washburn XB-600 (flat wound strings) -> Line6 DL4 -> SWR Workingman's 12 -> PC).

    What you've got is pretty much the live performance as was, although I fade in part way through the building up of the loop. The fade out is live though.

    My next task is to learn to play it properly ;) However, as well as drilling the parts home by ear, I also want to write it down in musical notation for future reference.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could notate the ripply strum effect in the background. On each beat I'm raking all four right hand fingers across the 12th fret harmonics on the G and C strings. Is there a convenient shorthand for that kind of raking effect? I'd imagine it would look quite daunting if scored out in full!



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