How would I shield and star ground an Ibanez SR bass?

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  1. My bass constantly has a hiss with electronic interference beeps/fuzzes/noised. When I'm playing loud with a band obviously you can't hear it but when I'm not playing it's loud enough to be pretty annoying. It also doesn't matter whether I'm touching anything on the bass or not.

    This is a 2006 sr506 and I notice that the control cavity is painted black which I would assume is shielded paint but it doesn't sound like it's working. Would covering the control cavity, pickup routes, battery route, and their covers with shielding tape be enough? How would I go about star-grounding the bass? Note that I have my pickups going directly to the jack. so all the ground wires are on that.

    Any help is much appreciated.
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    make sure the black paint is in fact grounded everywhere, including under the pickups (an ohm meter should give you maybe a few hundred ohms from the paint to the ground at the jack.)

    you might need to run little ground wires into screws sunk into the cavity to make that happen. also make sure the cavity cover is grounded if it has that foil on it.

    as for "star-grounding", that's a misapplication of amplifier wiring, where you have hundreds of volts in there causing ground potential differences. guitars don't have anything like that.

  3. How do I know it's grounded? I see one copper tape looking strip that lays on the top lip. It touches the paint and the cover would hit the top of it when it's on. There is also no paint in any of the other cavities in this bass. Just the control cavity.
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    You must connect the ground to the shield, in your case presumably the paint.

    If your shield is complete and you have humbuckers and shielded wires to the pickups that is all you need. If there are "holes" then people typically ground the strings, aka they use their own belly as a shield.

    So I figure you have disconnected all your pots, right?

    I speculate that the pots were the ones grounding that paint shield (by being screwed into the paint shield).
  5. I had this noise problem before I rewired my bass. I wanted to do it already but I thought it could have also helped but it didn't. It just made it worse because the high frequencies aren't dampened anymore.
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    Doesn't matter.

    You need some shielding. Either your belly via grounded strings or via foil/shielded-wire shielding.
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    Take a small screw and stick it into the cavity wall. Solder a piece of wire around it and run that wire to your jack ground. That should hook the shield up to the ground.

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