How you identify which fret is causing fret buzz?

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  1. I got fret buzz on the G string in the lower part of the neck

    Open string: just if i digging hard, sometimes buzz, sometimes dont. (nut height: if i press the fret 3 or 2 there is a very thin gap between the string and fret1, that seems ok?)--> not a big deal
    Fret 1: Buzz crearly (like an annoying "piiiiiiiiiiing")
    Fret 2: Buzz but less
    Fret 3: Still buzzes a bit
    Fret 4: Almost no buzz
    Fret 5: Finally free of buzzing

    The other strings have the same action and no problem.
    G: 12fret 1,7mm
    D: 12 fret 1,5mm
    A: 12 fret 1,5mm
    E: 12 fret, 2mm
    B: 12 fret 2,2 mm
    Nut action: all the same.

    It seems its one the lower fret at that point where the G string passes throug..

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    I use a credit card.
    Use it as a rocker over three frets at a time, right where the string will touch the frets.
    If you're over three frets & the card can rock back & forth, the center fret is high.
    Just to be clear, I mean use the edge of the card...
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    High or lose 5th fret.
    When the buzzing stops you are at the high fret, check that with a fret rocker as KBD says. Next determine if the fret is seated properly and seat it if necessary. Finally if the fret is properly seated and the buzzing persists, pull out your grinder (DON'T DO THAT); seriously it's time to dress that portion of that fret.
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    Use technology. Rig up a tester that's fast-response LED in a box with two leads. One lead has a clip which you attach to a string at the headstock. The other has a probe that you can touch to each suspect fret. Get someone to play notes up and down the string while you apply the probe to each fret in question. When the LED flickers you have found the fret that is buzzing.

    I've actually done this. It's a gimmick I have used to impress a customer or two. The better way to test is with a fret rocker as described. But there is less theatre in that approach.
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