Howbout a show your dp customs thread

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Candiria, Feb 20, 2002.

  1. show your dp custom pics (or progress pics) i sent my down payment recently,hopefully ill get some pics soon
  2. neptoon


    Jul 25, 2000
    Palm Bay, FL
    out of curiosity, what are the specs of the bass you are having dave build?
  3. I just gave him the main specs i wanted and am just going along with everything else as he progresses...what i told him was

    -dp standard body and headstock designs
    -walnut top and back
    -mahogany core
    -maple/walnut/maple/walnut/maple neck
    -ebony fretboard
    -passive bartolini p and mm style pickups (yeah i know the combo is un-heard of)
    -volume knob,tone knob,pickup selector switch (i wanted to keep it pretty simple)
    i- asked him to contour the body somewhat like a spector and he said "no problem"
    -his normal string spacing
    -gold hardware (his standard for now but im thinking of getting a better bridge)
    -JDS initials on trussrod cover
    - X inlay at 12th fret (yeah prolly sounds lame but i thought itd look pretty cool)

    any feedback or recommendations?
  4. neptoon


    Jul 25, 2000
    Palm Bay, FL
    hey sounds cool...i'm interested to hear what that pup configuration would sound like. interesting.
  5. schaller d4 bridge added (its a 4 string,34" scale length,never mentioned those,lol)
  6. Anybody know how many pieces his standard 4-string necks are? Also, does he use reinforcement such as graphite or steel? I've heard one bad report from somebody who bought a DP Custom bass and could not adjust the truss rod (it wouldn't budge). Has anybody else heard negative things such as this? Just curious. Thanks.
  7. Prague77


    Aug 20, 2001
    Waco, TX
    Here is my specs for my dpcustom. what do you guys think?

    Neck: multi laminate 5 piece construction: maple wenge maple wenge, maple.

    Purpleheart fret board, 34" scale length, standard markers

    type 2 Headstock with spalted front
    standard black tuners
    HipShot Bass Extender on the E string.

    full spalted maple top

    black hardware,
    HipShot Bridge, string through body.
    Neutrik locking input,
    Dunlop strap lock system.

    1 Seymour Duncan MusicMan pickup at the bridge position
    Seymour duncan J at the neck, tilted at 20 degrees.
    Aguilar obp-1 preamp
  8. I'll answer my own questions for those who may want to know. His standard neck is one piece, but he will give you what you want. You can get a 3-piece all maple (or with a contrasting wood) at no extra cost (at least that's the impression I got). He will add carbon fiber reinforcement rods for a little extra. As for the truss rod, his comment was the owner must have bought a bass with the one-way rod he used to use, but now he used a two-way (I know I'm not using the right terminology, but I think you know what I mean;)).
  9. Aaron


    Jun 2, 2001
    Seattle, WA
    Does anyone find it funny that in a thread about posting pictures of Dave Pushic's Custom Basses, there is only one picture, and it is of a chunk of wood?
  10. John Davis

    John Davis Guest

    Mar 27, 2001
    Houston, Texas
  11. I guess I'll be the first to post a pic.
    the pic is an "in progress" one but...
    here is my specs.
    5 string
    35" scale
    no inlays (side markers only)
    black schaller M4 tuners
    black schaller wide spaced bridge
    dunlop straplocks
    bartolini quad coil pickups
    neck pup # 1 config.
    bridge pup # 6 config.
    2 band EQ preamp
    5 piece neck (maple/thin walnut/maple/ thin walnut/maple)
    fretboard wood choosen by Dave P (not maple)
    dual carbon fiber reiforcement
    standard body, full zebrawood top over ash
    standard headstock (alterd)
    zebrawood overlay on headstock
    tung oil finish
    GHS bass boomers med. gauge
  12. Actually, it's a lot further than the pic below. Dave is putting in the truss rod/stabilizer bars and programming the laser router for my neck inlay these days.

    He has sent several other pics since this one, but this pic is the last he sent that gives close to a full view without the claro walnut burl that is the lower body plate.


    The top plate actually looks more like this pic he sent-


    Most of the story is at my online photo album -
  13. hujo


    Apr 18, 2001
    Stockholm, Sweden
    I've been waiting to see that, Rick! Nice, indeed!
  14. Thanks, Johannes. Once the "challenge" (as Dave puts it) of the fretboard inlay is done, I'm sure I'll have something more up to date.

    How is your Shuker???
  15. hujo


    Apr 18, 2001
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Don't ask...

    I'm in need of a new viola, and I've borrowed this beautiful Kantuscher-copy which just sings. So does the price tag. I might get a scholarship for it, but still...
  16. hey rickbass1,
    did you have to keep bugging Dave to send you pictures?
    cause he's sent 'em when I asked, but he's never just sent 'em out of the blue.
    I was just wondering, cause I don't want to keep bugging the guy, I know he's got to be busy.
  17. hey rickbass1,
    what do you think my bass is going to sound like from the woods and electronics I choose?
    I tried to stick with stuff I knew and liked, the only thing I'm not to familiar with is the zebrawood.
  18. The prospective "sound" is purely theoretical, based on the woods you chose.

    Whichever Bart models you chose will affect it a lot, just like your hardware, strings, and playing style. The actual boards Dave choses will also be a major influence. The same specie can sound very different, depending on its tap tone, resins/oils, grain, and how it was dried.

    Theoretically, you should have the entire tonal spectrum covered, assuming;

    - your zebrawood isn't just a very thin, cosmetic, piece. Zebrawood is, tonally, similar to walnut.
    - your ash is swamp ash, not northern hard ash

    ....the swamp ash will bring out the highs that the zebrawood lacks. Plus, it has nice warmth. The zebrawood will give you pronounced lows and defined mids. The walnut stringers are too small to have much, if any, perceptible effect.

    Your unknown fretboard wood will also have a tonal contribution.

    Barts are known for being very "natural" sounding pups, so, IME, they will reflect your tone woods well.

    As for pics, I've never bugged Dave at all in the 9 months he has been working on mine.

    What I do "bug" him for is to keep me informed of the progress and of any deviations from my specs. He doesn't claim to be a good photographer and his pics can be very misleading, IME. That is not to say he is trying to hide anything at all. It just means that two of his pics can tell two verrry different stories. IME, they often don't do justice to how good his work or wood selection actually is.
  19. thanks man!
    yeah I'm hoping to get a tone that will cut through, hopefully it will.
    the fret board wood will probably be pau ferro. I told him I wasn't picky and he said if he had some extra cocobolo around he might use that.
    yeah, I like barts. on the neck pup I got a 3 way toggle switch, which is something like a P (split), then (I think) series, and parallel. the bridge is (I think) humbucking, single coil, and series. or something I got it written down somewhere.
    anyway, thanks:)
  20. AFIK, I'm the only client who has spec'd cocobolo. If it's from what's left over from my board or the board Dave originally used, (he cut it too thin for my spec's and couldn't use it), you will have a gorgeous fretboard.

    If not, you might ask him if he has enough left of the fiddle back mirindiba he used for my fretboard. He sent a sample to me that was sanded on one side - it feels like glass!!!
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