How's he get that tone? Rob Wright, Nomeansno, edition...

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  1. I've dug Rob's playing for years now, but i've never really looked into his set-up, or how he got his tone.

    YouTube - Nomeansno - It's Catching Up

    I know he uses a P bass... haha...

    I'm not really trying to cop it. But, for having this tone 20 years ago, before the dirt-panacea thet IS the VTbass, i'm mighty curious as to how he got it......

  2. I'm pretty sure thats just P straight into a a Marshall half stack. When I last saw them, that's what he was rocking.
  3. The Lurker

    The Lurker

    Aug 16, 2002
    Some of it's discussed here:

    wright plays stock fender precision basses. " i like the new ones with the cheap mexican pickups. those pickups are the greatest- they're so hot they're microphonic. the trouble is i sweat so much on my bass that i kill it within a year, and i have to get all the guts replaced because they're completely corroded. i work my bass pretty hard but that's what a hammer is for." he drives a marshall 4x12 guitar cabinet with a 300 watt marshall 3530 solid state head, which includes one tube " to soften the waves". the amp is not common. "everyone else has trace elliots and gallien kruegers; they're great; but that's not my sound. i'm not looking for fat , clean lows.i'm looking for mid range growl- basically a lemmy tone." rob uses a pick on .045 - .105 rotosound strings. his only outboard effect is an eq pedal he sometimes steps on to cut all the highs, turning his sound into "a complete dub bass."
  4. Awesome! Thanks!

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