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How's slapping on a 5S Warwick Corvette Std?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Dragonlord, Jul 14, 2002.

  1. Dragonlord

    Dragonlord Rocks Around The Glocks

    Aug 30, 2000
    Greece, Europe
    The strings are closer on this bass b/c it's a fiver,so I'd like to know if anyone uses it to slap and how easy it is compared to a normal spacing bass,thx
  2. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    the spacing between that bass and any other normal spacing 5 string warwick will be the same.

    that said - i don't have a problem slapping my ss2 at all. my hands are kinda small though and i practiced a lot to tighten up my technique. makes slapping a 4 string seem like it's almost too easy ;)
  3. Dragonlord

    Dragonlord Rocks Around The Glocks

    Aug 30, 2000
    Greece, Europe
    Thanx...I thought so.Well my hands are kinda big so there might be a problem...
    BTW,though I think it's obvious,I don't mean only slap but also pop...especially pop actually,where you need to grab the string...
  4. mpapi


    Sep 9, 2001
    Hamilton, NJ
    I have a Warwick Corvette Pro and also had to tighten up my technique.
    The good thing about Warwicks is that you can change the spacing of the string at the bridge. It won't affect the spacing closer to the headstock, but it will increase the spacing slightly around the pickups and bridge.
  5. neptoon

    neptoon Supporting Member

    Jul 25, 2000
    Vero Beach, FL
    well, our very own zulu plays a warwick 5, and he's like 10 feet tall...hooah?
  6. It's not that hard, but if you're used to 4s or wide-spaced 5s, it's gonna be tricky.

    I'm not sure about the tone, though. The Corvette Standard never really seemed like much of a slapper to me, and I like a low-mid heavy tone, too. I suppose that if I tried it through an SWR rig or maybe my Fafner/GS410 setup, I'd be more impressed (but anything sounds good slapped through that :D )
  7. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    i think if you get the active pickups it's a great slapper, the passive ones are kinda lacking.
  8. I own a Warwick FNA Jazzman 5 strings (my first bass), and I have no problem to slap, pop and do whatever I want with my hands on this bass. But, as someone said before, when I switched to a jazzbass once, It was almost too easy. But the string spacing on the corvette is also perfect for the common hand technique, as I found the JazzBass spacing too big for me. But that's only because I'm used to my Corvette ...
    So, it's just a matter of time to feel OK with the Corvette. And the jazzman has such a fantastic sound!!!

    I love Warwicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ldiezman


    Jul 11, 2001
    I would slap alot on my stingray 5 and it has really narrow string spacing... and my hands are huge... well really long not fat. Slapping on a warwick 5-string shouldn't be a big problem for you, you may need to tighten up your technique... but everyone can afford to work on that :)
  10. oldirtymoney

    oldirtymoney Banned

    Jul 16, 2002
    california, carslbad
    I play slap but the only bass i had played slap on was my 4 string music man sterling model. When i got my custom warwick 5 string, proline and fna model mix it took awhile to get use to but it sounded alot better to me. I like it alot

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